Thursday, January 9, 2014

Melded Influences

Hello Folks !!!

Project Bly needs no introduction. With the trend shifting from a design purist to a free form of self expression in the design realm, eclectic design has been stoked by stores like Project Bly. Helping us bring cultural influences into our home, their ever changing thoughtfully curated collection is authentic.

Their unique attempt to successfully showcase the story of a piece from far off lands through raw street photography is laudable. The strong affinity that I have to Asian design, instantly drew me to their Malacca Collection.

Experience the flavors, beat and chaos of marketplaces in far away places without having to leave the comfort of your home with Project Bly. I highly recommend that you checkout their other collections right here, if you haven't done so already.

Have a wonderful day !!! 

Images: Courtesy Project Bly


  1. The first photo reminds me of your miniature Buddha painting setup. Love the composition of the tiffin boxes with radishes and the brass kettle peeking from behind!

    1. Thank you Neha what a wonderful thing to say!!! I absolutely adore the styling done for Project have a wonderful day:)


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