Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mothology (Featured shop)

Hello Lovely Readers !!!! 

Starting off with a question......What makes you pick up a piece for your home???? Personally, a piece needs to talks to me, resonate my style and add character to my space. If all these criteria are satisfied,  I decide to bring it home and worry about where to put it later. Yes, that's how I function. 

Recently, a store that got my attention for all the above mentioned reasons and more - Mothology. An online boutique style store  thats offers an exclusive blend of fine vintage finds to in-house fabricated products, ranging from linens, paper and lighting. Promising to bring the feel of a "well traveled and collected" home, the product range is impressive and surprisingly affordable. 

Cruising through their collection, my obsession for mood light instantly drew me to their votive and candle holders that are particularly striking. 

Sharing a couple more decor accessories that made it to my wish list..............

To browse their entire range of products or to create your own wish list, click here

Those of you enjoying great weather, think of me and the others in my part of the woods, please keep safe and warm......

Images: Courtesy Mothology


  1. Hope u r staying warm Sruthi.. We are in the deep freeze too :( Anyways..lovely lovely feature:) I may be going for the teardrop wall sconce soon in the Mothology site.. wow..I think it could hold a couple airplants or something :) or close to a Prayer area ? Amazing find as usual :))

    1. I hope the weather is looking a little better now Peeli.......I'm glad you found something that you like. Thank you for stopping by:)

  2. loved the tealight holders! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by !!! have a wonderful day:)


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