Friday, January 31, 2014

Gehna (Featured Shop)

Today’s post is all about letting yourself be allured by the sheen of gold and enticed by the sparkle of a diamond. Jewelry is perceived as a mirror of a woman's persona,  her moods and style mantra. Delving further, we can appreciate it as also being an aide-mémoire of the moments in her life. More often than not, shopping for these exquisite pieces is swayed by the celebration of a special occasion or event - ones wedding day, an anniversary, a birthday or a gift from a loved one. And then there are those priceless inherited family heirloom treasures too. After endorsing the Indian Jewelry Project, I am enthused to leave behind a legacy of my own. I was personally looking for a store that would offer unique custom made jewelry. That's when I discovered “Gehna”. 
Tucked away on the meandering roads of Chennai (India), a charming private bungalow is the perfect setting to showcase the exquisite collection offered by Gehna. The owner and visionary of Gehna, Sunith Samdaria, brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Tapping into a niche segment, Gehna offers dedicated jewelry customization services, the first of its kind in Chennai (India). Customization being the USP of Gehna, it also promises to deliver this service without having to pay for the high price tag it comes with. With some discerning patrons who are not fascinated with the run-of-the-mill designs, Gehna provides them an opportunity to create unique statement pieces marked by their distinct personality and style. 

Sunith takes pride in his supportive crew at Gehna. Consisting of accomplished designers like Tara Premsingh (alumni of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gujarat) and his team of skilled craftsmen, Gehna helps "transform jewelry dreams into reality". A connoisseur of fine things, Sunith personally overlooks into each and every piece that is created at Gehna thus assuring the finest craftsmanship and quality.

Creating a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, a personal one-on-one with the designer is arranged to better understand the client's needs. The process also allows for customer involvement at every stage. This gives us an insight into the success and mushrooming client base that Gehna has been able to amass in a short time span.

Sunith’s passion for what he does is reflected when he says ,”Within each gem burns a fire nothing can extinguish. It is this fire that seeks us out and draws us to enhance its beauty and convert it into expressions of individuality and style. Perhaps this is why jewelry is created to endure, through the changing fashions, to be passed on from generation to generation, a legacy of unmatched beauty.”
I do hope I've given you’ll enough eye candy to last you for the rest of the week. Drop in to check out more of the intricately crafted pieces that Gehna has to offer as their collection ranges from the traditionally Indian to designs with a hint of contemporary appeal.

I’m going to be away for a week attending to my books and exams but promise to be back before the love is in the air for Valentine's Day. 

You’ll take care and while I’m away if you’ll haven’t had a chance to look through my previous posts, may I suggest you make a cuppa for yourself and settle down in your nook to catch up on the TECD library of posts;) 

Images: Courtesy Gehna


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so glad to find yours. Such beautiful and interesting post here on your blog. I hope to come back soon. You have lots of great eye candy. T

  2. Gorgeous jewellery! Thanks for featuring it..might order some :)

  3. Such rich designs, that's an awesome find Sruthi.. Added goodness that these don't come with the high "making charge" of customized jewellery

  4. I have several pieces custom made at Gehna and can vouch for their beauty, quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness. I LOVE each of my acquisitions from this place and plan to return as often as I can afford to!


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