Friday, July 17, 2015

Reclaimed Design (More on Flea Market Style)

Flaky paint, tarnished patinas and corroded surfaces are words that make a flea-market junkie's heart leap! It’s what elevates the flea market treasures from the common catalog offerings and seals them with the stamp of time. Flea market style gives us the freedom to push the envelope and test our creative boundaries. I say this because an imaginative and innovative mind is the epicenter of good flea market style. Another important aspect for flea market style to thrive is a healthy mix of the old with the new. A space comes alive when the polished and lustrous surfaces of the new get mixed in with the worn and scuffed treasures from a flea market exploit. 
Sharing her flea market inspired vignettes from her Massachusetts’ home, my virtual friend and owner of Mayil Scarves, Madavi Oliver, has mastered the art of flea market style. She sourced most of her treasures from the “paathra kadais” (shops that deal in old kitchen utensils and other household goods) in Nagercoil (Tamil Nadu, India). 
Her flea market vintage collection includes brass bells and lamps, aruvanmanai (vegetable cutter) and a vintage sign in Tamil that reads “Narasu's coffee and tea”. This is her absolute favorite and I can see why! 
Weren’t those corner’s absolutely delightful and inspiring? I’m totally inspired to go looking for my very own vintage sign board…….

Thank you Madavi for sharing such enchanted corners of your home. To all my readers out there, if you know how to work the flea market style, do write to me at with pictures of the lovely vignettes from your home, for an exclusive feature on TECD:)  

Images are the property of Madavi Oliver and may not be used without prior written permission.

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