Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Easy Breezy Coastal Style

Beach vacations don’t last forever, however you could bring the quintessential getaway vibe of coastal style right to your home with a few basic elements of coastal décor. 
Let’s get started with the color palette. For a classic look, stick to the traditional nautical color palette of whites and aqua tones. But if you enjoy a more bold color scheme, tropical hues have so much to offer and explore. Try incorporating fun hues like the fuchsia of the Bougainvillea, the orange/red thrown in to mimic the fiery sunsets over the shimmering blues of the ocean or just follow the color trail that your heart leads you to......
Next, unify the coastal feel with textures. Weather-beaten/distressed wood or furniture and rugs made of natural fibers such as sisal, sea grass, rattan and bamboo are popular choices. Furniture with painted patina is also a great choice and a fun way to spruce up an old furniture piece with a lick of paint. For accessories display your beach combing trophies such as shells, drift wood collections and other elements from the beachy surroundings  with pride. 
And finally don’t forget to add your personal stamp to it all. I brought in some beach style to my sunroom with a few simple finds. A DIY stenciled pillow, grocery store bought lantern (always keep those eyes open) and other knick-knacks celebrate style where you can kick off your shoes and feel completely at ease……..
Enjoy the rest of your week and happy decorating!

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