Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flea Market Fever

With décor rules chucked at the door, Flea Market style can be liberating in more ways than one. It can adapt to any style and can match every price point. And the two most wonderful aspects about flea market style is that every piece has a backstory to it and there is low or no maintenance in most cases as the distressed patina and peeling paint reveals the stamp of time and adds to the personality and ambiance of the space. But one must develop an eye to spot some style amongst all that flea market clutter. TECD reader and flea market enthusiast “Jayanthi Kanderi” truly knows how to work the flea market style.
She recently sent me this delightful corner of her home and I was so besotted with the whole look that I had to share it with you’ll. Now getting into the details, this is what Jajanthi had to say sharing about this lovely corner of her home,"I have always had a fascination for things that have already lived a life – there is always an aura of mystery surrounding every piece. I found the big antique trunk in a flea market for $10! It came with the legs already attached (whoohoo:) The brass trinkets were all picked up over the years. I have no guilt in accumulating them since I pay so little for something that cool. The Pepsi crate is a recent flea market find which was again very inexpensive. I live in Coca cola's hometown (Atlanta) so I guess Pepsi crates are not all that popular:) A touch of green adds freshness and brings the whole corner alive.” 

Thank you Jayanthi for taking the time to share and connect with us. If you too know how to work the flea market look together, do send in pictures of your lovely vignettes to to be featured on TECD!

Images are the property of Jayanthi Kanderi and may not be used without prior written permission.

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