Monday, July 13, 2015

Lai's Nilaj(a) collection is here!

I have featured LAI before and it’s a no brainer why time and again, creations from Lai get featured on TECD. Puja Bhargava Kamath (the lady behind the brand Lai) builds collections drawn from diverse cultures that are fresh yet timeless in appeal……chic yet talk to bohemian soul of the modern day woman. Lai’s newest collection, “Nilaj(a)“ (meaning 'produced in the blue mountains' in Sanskrit and 'one who comes with joy' in Yoruba) has a contemporary nomadic flair to it. Having drawn inspiration from the exotic land of Afghanistan, the ultramarine hue of the Lapis Lazuli used in the collection is the perfect contrast to the greyish tone of the silver taking any summer outfit to the next level. 

Sharing her thoughts on the Nilaj(a) collection she says, “Taking inspiration from various layers of Afghani aesthetics - from their Bactrian roots to the nomadic tribes - the designs in this collection are a contemporary rendition of an amalgamation of these multiple aesthetics. Pieces that are both visually intriguing and wonderfully crafted- jewelry that is as likely to be found in the trunks of an antique dealer in a bazaar in Afghanistan as they are in a chic Parisian boutique.”

Tempted to get more than one? I say give into the temptation. To see the entire lookbook click here and to order, mail Puja at

Image credit/courtesy : LAI

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  1. Thanks so much for this, Sruthi! Love that you love us so! :)


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