Friday, June 13, 2014

"ME Time" Tea Time has evolved into "WE Time"

Tea time at my place has become more pleasurable in the company of my parents. Yes, they are finally here to spend the summer with me and the conversations at TECD casa have been flowing as freely as the tea:) That explains my absence from blogging but trust me when I say that you, my lovely readers have been on the back of my mind.
A brass vintage serving tray is the perfect accouterment to a splendid tea time at my place
It's wonderful to see my son interacting with them and they fussing over him. I'll definitely have a lot of damage control to do once they leave;)

As for today, I've tried to make the most of my day with my parents as from tomorrow, the little guys summer vacation kickoff. That means I'll probably be able to get a sentence or two across to them the entire day as they have eyes and ears for one else other than their grandson :)  

We have a couple of trips planned with them and I'm really looking forward to these. I'm going to try and be as regular as I can when it comes to blogging but just in case you don't hear from me, miss me but don't conclude that I've been abducted my the aliens;)

As I post this, I can hear my son calling out to me saying their waiting for me to join them for a walk. So you'll take care and have a wonderful weekend !!!

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  1. What a gorgeous shot and I love the green on that moroccan glass. Enjoy time with your parents. Mine are here too and I know how hard it is devote time to the blog when you have company.



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