Monday, June 2, 2014

Kari Herer Photography (Featured Artist)

Hello Monday !!!

Things have been super busy at the TECD casa. I've been diligently working on meeting my MBA assignment deadlines, studying and also tying the loose ends on the home improvement projects. All these need to be tackled on priority basis as I have my parents visiting me next week. I'm all geared up and can't wait for them to arrive and spend the summer with me:) 

This weekend, one other project that kept me busy was finding artwork for a friend's nursery. This mommy really knows what she wants. The artwork had to be refreshing and modern yet something that would tickle the child's imagination and amuse her every time that she set her eyes on the source of visual stimulation. In an instant I knew, Kari Herer fine art prints were the perfect choice for this nursery. And to my delight, it was bull's eye. I guess you can't go wrong with the bird and animal art print, can you??? 

Kari's experience in the field of graphic design and fine arts is delicately balanced with her affinity to nature. Looking through her creative lens, she effortlessly creates art that is both original and whimsical. My absolute favorite are the bug illustrations which would look perfect in a library. Using the free form of the Magnolia flowers, she captures the shapes in a new perspective !!! 

To view more of her work , click right here.

Like I always say, there's so much beauty around you. All you got to do is open your eyes to a fresh viewpoint:) 



  1. Interesting and really cool! but for a no........Not for me anyway....Hugs! deb

  2. wow...these are so awesome! Damn creative...

  3. Brilliant work by Kari. I'd want to reach out to those bugs and flowers each time I pass by :)


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