Monday, June 9, 2014

CRAFT By World Market

I'm sure you'll will agree with me, when I say that World Market has the most stunning and  affordable global decor. If you haven't heard of their CRAFT COLLECTION, well then, let me fill you in. 
Their new venture, CRAFT by World Market takes online shopping to a whole new level. Whetting the appetite of folks who are in search of signature pieces for their home, the CRAFT venture seeks to bridge the gap between the artisans and the demand for handmade products globally.   
Offering an exclusive range of limited edition products that are not available at the World Market retail stores, these products need to be pre-ordered.  The laborious effort that goes into making these one-of-a-kind handcrafted products, make it impossible to manufacture them in huge quantities. That's where the CRAFT from World Market comes in. If the prerequisite pre-order quantities are met, the product is manufactured and shipped. Now that's a novel way to shop for exclusive finds, without having to leave the comfort of your home !!! 

To shop by craft and browse their entire range of product catalog click here.

As I leave you drooling over these gorgeous finds, I hope you have a wonderful day !!!

Images :  World Market


  1. Really ethnic and traditional.....this chaise longue is center of attraction. I'll definitely use this while designing any clients house according to his requirement.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

  2. Very beautiful post! I was eager to see an interesting stuff like that. I must appreciate this remarkable post.


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