Friday, June 20, 2014

Go Pick your Own (Butler's Orchard)

There's nothing like a family jaunt to a neighborhood orchard or farm on a summer weekend. Picking your own fruits and vegetables not only helps make a connection with nature and promotes local farmers but it's also a great educational trip for the kids. There's also the added benefits of fresher fruit than that what is available at the grocery store, fewer chemicals used for storage and cheaper prices as transport and import costs are not included. 
 It doesn't get any  fresher than this 
A love for healthy and organic living was inculcated in me by my granddad (nana). An offshoot of advocating such a lifestyle was his very own vegetable patch burgeoning with chilies, tomatoes, Indian herbs like coriander, curry leaves, papaya, mango, jack fruit, drum stick trees and the list can go on.......This was a way of everyday life and I had taken so much for granted. 

But now, fruits trees in the backyard can only be an ambitious dream given our swamped schedules and the seasonal variance. But when the opportunity presents itself in summer, in the form of farmer's market or an excursion to the farm, my family and I make the most of it. We've been to a couple of farms but the one that seems to call out to us every single time is Butler's Orchard. For those of you in my neck of the woods, this orchard is an hours drive from Virginia and is based in Maryland . 
My 7 year old busy picking  his own strawberries
Last weekend we made our way yet again to Butler's Orchard. This time around, I had my parents join us for strawberry picking and I tell you, it was enjoyed by my son and grown ups alike;) 
This place is very well organised and there are no long waiting lines. Tractors drive you to the fields and you can either bring your own containers for picking or buy them at the farm. Eager farm assistants lead you to the rows of strawberry bushes ready to be picked. Sifting through rows of bushes, you look close for that perfect red ripe berry that would be making the cut to go home. 

The orchard is a beautiful place to explore and with some fun activities for kids, an entire morning can be spent here. Make sure you take lots of water, sunscreen, closed shoes and wear dark colored clothing as the strawberry juices can ruin your outfit.  
Loved the Yellow Superbells hanging against the red barn walls

Swing all you want
You can also shop for preserves, local honey, gourmet condiments, seasonal decorative items, cider, and more at their market shop. And for the garden lover's, they have some wonderful  perennials, annuals, vegetables, herbs and these stunning Hanging Baskets  !!!

We had a magnificent time and came home with a basket full of plump and juicy strawberries and some wonderful memories. Most of our pick was enjoyed as is but some we used to make milk shake for a father's day brunch. 
Father's Day Brunch 
I do hope this post urges you to plan a trip to your neighboring farms and support them, all while your family and you enjoy some sun and outdoor fun:) However I do suggest that you checkout the farm harvest schedule before you head out.

Happy weekend !!!

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  1. Great shots yet again! And I agree.. nothing like a day spent at the u-pick farms!

    enjoy the warm weather.


    1. Thank you Deepa for the wonderful feedback. Happy to see you here:)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. How was the picking? Do you know if they have any left? We usually go to great Country farms but I guess their strawberry picking is done.

    1. Hello Vidya, Their strawberry picking is done but they do have blue berries and black raspberries coming up. Do check the links provided above for more info. Thank you for stopping by:)

  3. Oh strawberry picking is so much fun.... awesome shot Sruthi... :))


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