Monday, May 19, 2014

India Circus Wall Art Collection

Hope the start of the week is treating you well so far :) I've featured India Circus on my blog before and I can't seem to get enough of them. 

"India Circus" has got the equation right when it comes to balancing traditional aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities. Drawing from a diverse pool of inspiration be it the grandeur of the Mughal aristocracy/era, Indian mythology, iconic Indian architectural relief or the classic roadside Indian chai, the array of home decor products offered by India circus is perfect for those who have an appetite for the traditional+eclectic+contemporary+chic all married into one. With Krsna Mehta as the driving force behind the creative process at India Circus, the end result is a well curated collection that is quintessentially Indian. 

I've been fascinated with their newest additions to the wall art collection. The intense colors portraying the splendor of Indian royal cavalry, is sure to add the right amount of Indian pizzazz to your decor. These are my personal favorites and if you've been looking for inspiration to perk up your walls with vibrant images of India, look no further. Check out the entire range of India Circus wall art right here.

Have a wonderful day and see you back here for some wonderful additions to my home from India Circus. 

Images: India Circus

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  1. Krsna Mehta's fusion of the traditional and contemporary is totally rad, love it!

    And its a co-incidence, just when I was looking at their collections for my home too :P
    We just shifted to a new home, so IC is the first I'm looking up, to adorn our nooks and corners!


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