Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Vignette Inspired by Nature and Art

I have had a fascination with lady bugs for the longest time now. As kids, ladybugs served as interim pets for my sister and I. Their foolproof color combination of red and black always enthralled us and we'd go specifically looking for that perfect ladybug. Seeing them back in action after the winter hibernation, was a pleasant sight. Taking my cue from there, I wanted to create a little corner imitating this color inspiration. Anytime you find yourself running dry of the creative juices,  be patient and look outside your window or step outdoors. Observing nature's bounty can tickle those creative spots. "Nature", according to me is the best stylist and color specialist. 

With spring here, my indoor miniature rose plant seems to be in a good mood and is busy blooming. Paired together with the hand painted Rajasthani style cushions, it's a perfect spot to laze around. If you're an art aficionado like me and love adding art to your decor but are running out of wall space to display art, consider bringing home cushions that serve as art displays. 
These beautiful silk cushion covers were gifted to me by my mom. She picked these up for me on her recent trip to Rajasthan. Since the topic in discussion are these gorgeous cushion covers flaunting the Rajasthani style of miniature painting, I thought it would be but appropriate to graze on the topic of this detail oriented art form. Popularized by the Mughal ruler's from Persia, the Indian artists embraced the aristocratic inspired art form but doused it in their own distinct style and perspectives. But with the passage of time, as all things have been commercialized so is this art form. Originals have been replaced with replicas and natural colors made from minerals and vegetables, precious stones, pure silver and gold have been replaced by poster colors. For now, I'm content with these hand painted beauties that lend an elegant touch to my interiors. But some day (as ambitious as it sounds), I'd like to dedicate a whole wall in my home exhibiting every known indigenous painting style that India is lauded for :)

Have a fabulous Wednesday !!! 

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  1. How gorgeous are those cushions ! Besotted by the entire look :-)

  2. Stunning cushions and a lovely post!

  3. Love. Love. Love. How do you do it. Marry me, i think!

  4. Beautiful photos and love your cushion covers.

  5. Lovely rich photographs! These cushions are swoon-worthy indeed!

  6. lovely prints and great shots!



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