Thursday, May 15, 2014

Everyday Beauty

A flower's appeal is in its contradictions — so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect. ~Terri Guillemets

I personally think that the Peonies embody old world sophistication and charm with a dollop of drama and seductiveness unlike any other flower. Their delicate perfume has an intoxicating effect that is indescribable. Seeing them go from a tight ball to a balletic full rounded bloom, they take my breathe away every single time. Yesterday I picked up these beauties from the grocery store. The lovely lady who works in the flower section of the grocery store, happens to know of my love for flowers. When she saw me there yesterday, she told me she had a surprise for me:) And she was right!!!! I've been waiting for these gorgeous flowers a long time...............
As I unloaded the grocery bags, I kept thinking of the vase that would house these beauties and what I would pair them with. I chose to go with the regal combination of pink and gold. One of my favorite Natya Ganesha makes his debut in this postHand carved, this beautiful brass statue was a lucky find on a trip to Thanjavur (India). In the evening, I lit a few candles around the home to elevate my mood. The brass picked up the flickering glow of the candles and the peonies in all their ornate glory were pure visual poetry.  
I thought it wouldn't hurt to know a little more about these revered flowers that have their roots in Greek mythology. Legend has it that Peonies were named after Paeon, who was one of Asclepius' (Greek god of healing and medicine) pupils. In an attempt to safeguard Paeon from Asclepius anger, The Greek God Zeus transformed him into an unassuming peony. What ever may be the story behind the first blossom of a peony, but their artistic beauty have inevitably served as a muse to Chinese and European painters and poets alike. Also said to have medicinal properties these beauties are nothing short of being called nature's jewel.

Signing off for today and I hope you find your share of inspiration in the everyday beauty too. Have a wonderful day !!!!

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  1. Very pretty, have been eyeing peonies in the flower shops here. inspired to bring a few home reading your post :)


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