Friday, May 9, 2014

A Zest of Orange to your Decor

If you scrutinize the colors that I've used in my home, you'll be able to tell that I usually have a red or orange undertone to my decor. Apart from the eclectic theme that pulls the rooms together, it is also the color that helps to transition from one room to another without creating an island effect. Orange said to be a secondary color, is the primary accent color for my home. I personally feel it strikes the perfect balance between elegance and passion..........
While we were deciding on the color palette for our master bedroom, (I must confess) we had our fair share of arguments and reservations about what color would go up on the walls. But it became very evident in a conversation (that my husband and I were engaged in), that the room we drift towards when we felt happy or went to when we wanted consolation was our sunroom. It's the bold punches of orange in this room that injects the drama and fun to this space and draws us in every single time.
Orange a more restrained version of red, to me it's swanky, vitalizing and triggers my creativity. Also considered the color of lady luck, I'm encouraged to use it in more ways than one;) Since the tonal quality of this room works for my husband and I, we took it a notch up and used it in our master bedroom too. And if you think blues and greys are "THE" colors for a master bedroom well I have news for you. Research suggests that orange induces positive thoughts and hence is the perfect precursor to a restful night’s sleep!!!

So the next time you are faced with the dilemma of making a color choice for a room, don't get overwhelmed. Instead, think of the room that you tend to gravitate towards when your feeling happy or run to when the blues kick in. There likes in your cue to solve the color mystery in the most uncomplicated way !!!

Have an awesome weekend!!! 

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  1. Whole-heartedly back you up on this one, you certainly have some of the most enviable 'orange' collection in your home Sruthi :-) I also love how the colour brings out the best in muted shades of upholstery, and looks stunning against plain walls. Or for that matter how it complements a bit of brass...

  2. Awesome color palette Shruthi! Every time I see a picture you post, I feel I have stepped into your beautiful home.. You have a great weekend as well!

  3. Hello Sruthi,
    I've been glued to my computer going over your BEAUTIFUL collections for a hour. I think I'm in love with your blog :). Keep bringing us these inspirational and creatives posts. Best wishes,

  4. I wish I did see this post of yours little earlier as it would have helped me choose my color palette for painting my house. Nevertheless a great point that I will remember in future when I choose my colors.


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