Friday, March 21, 2014

There's more to my Vignette than what Meets the Eye

Most of you'll know by now, how I love styling and creating vignettes around my home. And more often than not, these are styled to quench my creative desire as opposed to just creating pretty corners around my home.  I believe styling is an unfeigned expression of our taste, ingenuity and personality. 

When I conceptualize something in my mind, I have the urge to create it, almost instantaneously. To actually touch and see what I had envisioned, makes me giddy with excitement. I guess when you are passionate about certain things, the effects are far reaching;) And you know what's even better ??? With a camera handy to capture my artistic expressions and a wonderful set of readers to share it with, I could not ask for more. 
Today my muse is a dash of pink in a little pot, all decked up for spring. Paired together with my brass ink pot (the dancing lady) and a brass key (part of an Asian console found at a flea market), the simplicity of the composition accentuates even the smallest details.
I find myself repeating this time and again : beauty breeds creativity. And with that thought to usher me, I strive to surround myself with groupings of beautiful objects that have a  special meaning to me. Cause when you take the time to observe how things work together and find a way to balance it all, the resulting atmosphere is one you can draw inspiration from. As long as what you conceive and actualize, appeals to you and yours and it has your signature all over it, you have nothing to worry!!!

Happy weekend Folks and see you back here next week for my Blog Adda reveal !!!

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  1. The wonders of pink are countless, and how beautifully it accentuates metal around it ! Love the dancing lady !

  2. I so agree. I am exactly the same...I usually get a burst of inspiration, shop around my own house and love creating vignettes...take pictures, share them. I got it from my mom who is very fond of table top decor...I do it as well...every week I get very excited making my diing table look's so soul satisfying no?

    1. Absolutely!!! The exercise of styling and creating pretty vignettes, satisfies my creative core and I'm so glad you could relate to the post. Thank you for taking the time to connect. Have a wonderful weekend Harshika !!!

  3. Pretty very pretty! Love the damsel you found! lucky you!


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