Monday, March 10, 2014

In the mood for Pink

Hello and Good Morning Monday !!!

It's been a hectic weekend at my end and the to-do list seems longer than ever.........However, lots of fun things have been happening at the TECD. First of all, the response to the home tour featured last week has been overwhelming ;) Mom and dad haven't stopped grinning from ear to ear, after reading your reviews and wonderful comments. Thank you to each and everyone of you who stopped by and showed your support and encouragement.

As for decorating stories from my home, we've tied the loose ends on the home-office/blogging adda project. Love how it turned out and will be sharing it with you'll very soon. The master bedroom project still has some pending items to be ticked off and the redecorating has been stalled for a little later because of my husbands travel plans.

On a different note, we have family visiting us from India for a whole month. This means spring cleaning has started and little touches are being added to freshen things up for the guests.

And now coming to today's post.Of late, I've been drawn to the color PINK. In fact I have been planning to spruce up my sunroom with this color. Nothing too drastic, just a touch here and there for a statement look. So when I saw these images from the home of Abby Larson (founder of Style Me Pretty), it definitely steered me in the direction of Pink.
Love how green, pink and mustard add the pop of color to an otherwise neutral backdrop. The fact that pink was used in this room and the end result is not a girly space is hard to achieve. I'm looking to recreate the same feel as I'm in the company of two men who are opposed to all things pink.
The once "color phobic" Abby seems to have overcome this dilemma of hers with a little help from Interior designer, mother and daughter duo, Suzanne and Lauren Macgrath of GBGP designs. Everything looks so fresh and all set for the spring. You can take a tour of her home right here.

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful day !!!!
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