Friday, March 14, 2014

Sage and Clare (Featured Shop)


What could be better than lounging bohemian style with all these luxurious fabrics and textiles ??
When a family of three decided to take their passion for shopping and combined it with their globe trekking adventures, "SAGE AND CLARE" was born. Investing all they had and with the strength to follow their heart and dreams, this was a decision that would not be regretted. The store with it's mushrooming client base, brings you artisanal and bohemian flavored decor that's hand picked and undeniably irresistible. Their beautifully styled inspiration catalog drew me in like a bee to honey. Aren't you hooked too???
Unique Furniture pieces that add instant personality to ones interiors.
Scouting busy Indian bazaars and global souks for unique and colorful finds, the store has a drool worthy collection of soft furnishings and a wide range of home products. All of us could use some color inspiration to take us through our spring makeovers that we've been dreaming of. So get cracking on those projects with more inspiration from here.
Scrumptious bedding in delightful colors and textures.
I always go that extra mile to steep myself in beauty and simplicity that can exercise my imagination and be used to nudge my creative soul. The above images sure had more than a happy effect on me. Hope it did the same for you too:)
Enjoy your weekend and see you back here next week for more wonderful finds from TECD's virtual trek.

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  1. Gorgeous decor for the home! I'm off to Sage and Clare!

  2. Thank you Sruthi for the lovely write up on us!! Great to have your support and enthusiasm for what we do. Great blog you have as well! Much love, Phoebe from Sage and Clare

    1. It's wonderful to hear from you Phoebe!!! Your passion for what you do is evident in every little details. I'm glad I had a chance to feature your unique store. The pleasure was all mine. Good luck to you and your trio !!!


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