Friday, March 28, 2014

Pretty in Pink

After being exposed to the uninspiring winter landscape, the heart yearns for bold color palettes. The winter has made me fearless when it comes to color. I've been dreaming in PINK, people !!! And these enchanting images from the Swedish home furnishing " Himla" product catalog, in a variety of blushing hues worked their magic and transported me to the "No man's land" (clearly everything is in pink, no man would ever want to live here, right ???). 
However, they narrate a perfect story of how I would like to spend my perfect spring evening;)
A quite Shikara style boat ride..........

With Spring here, it calls for a spring soiree and a delectable spread........
 And finally a camp out under the stars as I finally drift off from one fantasy land into another..........
The weekend is here !!! I hope I set the ball rolling for a dreamy weekend. So dream on folks.........
Images: Via


  1. Love the shikara. Poet's dream getaway, and you are no less a poetess than any other ! :-) Visual delight, this post.

  2. Lovely dreamy images with a splash of pink. Love them :)


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