Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pleasures of Summer

What is there not to love about summer ????? 
The concept of closed schools and the open pools works for me. With the schools closed, I get to laze around in my pj's, have an extra cup of tea in the morning without having to worry about the school bus. Then there are the spur of the moment visits to the park followed by Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream treats. After dinner walks have become a ritual and it's a great way to meet up with our friends and neighbors. And while summer lasts, with alfresco dining and outdoors seating like these, I would be enjoying my breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors. What do you guys have to say?????

How I love Bougainvillea !!! It reminds me of back home.

Can never have too much of Bougainvillea. Can you ????
The Hurricanes add the right amount of mood light to the outdoors. 

Teal and White a classic combination. Perfect for Summer.

Shabby chic style is so easy on the eyes.
 Have a wonderful day !!!!

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