Monday, August 26, 2013

Caprilicious Jewellery (Featured Shop)

Clasp my love around your neck,
Wear my heart on your finger.
My soul will be your pendant:
I live to adorn you -
You're the precious one'.
~ Grey Livingston, Genuine Adoration.

To me "Jewellry" is an extension of a woman's femininity and personality. Today's woman, adorns herself with jewellry to match her moods, to make a statement and to grace her inherent beauty. Caprilicious Jewellry, corroborates this very effort of the women to look classy, modern and themselves all at the same time.One look at what this store has to offer and you know exactly what I mean. Each piece of jewellry is handmade and an art in itself. If you are a jewellry lover like me, go ahead and feast your eyes.

Neena Shilvock is the creative mind behind the jewellry line "Caprilicious Jewellry". When Neena reached out to me, I was awe struck by the originality and the intricacy of each and every design that Neena so diligently creates. Wondering how the name Caprilicious Jewellry came together -Neena beautifully sums up the essence of the brand saying "I design for the woman who likes to be noticed - stylish, individual,confident, with a sense of humor and a zest for life - Delicious jewellry for the Capricious woman - Caprilicious! " Her jewellry is traditional with a modern twist so matter what mood your in, it would look great with a silk sari or a little black dress. 

Based in Warwickshire (UK), Neena is an obstetrician and gynaecologist by profession. Neena goes on to say "I have a day job, that is very responsible and demanding, and sometimes quite hard work - however, I felt the need for some 'MAGIC' in my life - and I went out looking for it. I wonder whether I just loved
jewellery enough to want to make the magic - or I wanted to learn the magic to be able to create the jewellery - but this is how it all went ballistic." 
So after a couple of classes learning the nuances of the jewellry making, she was completely hooked. 

I love how Neena draws inspiration from the Blue Himalayan poppy, windows of the Alhambra palace, tribal jewelry from Mali, Libya and Senegal, fireflies, waves, butterflies, leaves and all that nature has to offer. Do check out her wonderful blog, where she shares more on her design process, inspirations and experiments. 

Every piece that Neena has to offer is different. The versatility of the collection is admirable. But one close look at them and you can tell, the common factor binding them together is the Neena element in them. The convergence of  wire, together with different gems and metals only makes for one of a kind statement piece. She also undertakes custom orders and is more than willing to work with you should you opt for it. 

Neena's desire to create magic has definitely evolved into one of the most versatile jewellry lines for the woman of substance. Neena ships internationally,  so go ahead and get a piece of these magnificent treasures from Caprilicious Jewellry's cache for yourself. For more on Caprilicious Jewellry - here is the link .

Images : Courtesy Caprilicious Jewellry


  1. Hi,
    This is so fabulous, and I am so honoured - was busy with friends at home during the long weekend holiday, which is why I just got both your messages - just! - wow! what a spread, I love it and thanks

    1. So glad you liked it Neena. Wishing you all the very best and keep in touch.

  2. I loved the use of my favorite stones;corals and turquoise! Jewellery with character indeed!

  3. Got my heart set on of the pieces I've just seen! Maybe mention this to the hubby very casually and see what happens !!! x

    1. Some of the pieces are soo you Sun........ and I know your having a hard time making up your mind since they all so gorgeous.

  4. I look forward to hearing from you Sunayna

  5. I love this blog! I've been looking for a jewelry store in Naples, FL that has jewelry store in Naples, FL that has jewelery like this.


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