Thursday, August 8, 2013

Greek Island of Hydra

Hello Everyone!!!!

It's been a busy week at my place as we have been getting things organised for our family vacation. I'm going to have my share of the sun, sea and the sand. Which means I'm gonna be away from blogging for almost 2 whole weeks. Not to worry, I'll be back with some wonderful pics and stories to tell.

Until then, let's take a look at the wonderful Greek island of Hydra  and the  beautiful homes of a mother daughter duo on this very island. The island is a two hour fairy ride from Athens. The only means of transport on the island is almost primitive - they have horses and donkeys. The red tiled roofs reminds me a lot of the wonderful homes in Kerala. The white washed houses are an innate part of Greek architecture and to top it all a view of the sea from every corner on the island. What a darling little place to retire in.

The homes of Helen Marden and Mirabelle Marden, are an extension of the island life reinforcing the fact of simplistic and organic style of living. I'll let the snap shots of their homes do the talking. Want to see more check it out here.

Greek Island of Hydra - captivating views
Horses and donkeys are the feasible means of transport on the island

Helen Marden's bright and open foyer. 

Vintage Indian Saris adorn a couch in the kitchen.

Rosemary bushes add their fragrance to the island breeze.
Wonderful outdoors.

Entrance to Mirabelle's home. 
 Love the view. Don't miss out the life-like sculpture of the dog by the fireplace. 

Simple and functional furniture.

Interplay of patterns add interest in the home. The textiles are sourced by Mirabelle on her annual trips to India.
A quiet spot to do some much required reading.
You'll take care and check back in 2 weeks for some wonderful new travel tales and inspiring home decor posts.  

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  1. Have a wonderful vacation Sruthi... I've had my share of sun, sand & sea already , but that's not enough for Abhi apparently. We are going to beach again... Will be waiting to read about your vacation.

  2. Thank you for your warm wishes Priya. I wish you the same.


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