Friday, July 19, 2013

Dip Into It !!!! (An Inkling on My Antique Inkwells)

I like accessories that tell a tale or two or have traces of time on them. I do not like to merely fill the room, but to decorate with pieces that reflect the personality of the people who live there. Clearly you can tell we love antiques and everything vintage.    

I have been lucky to own two antique Indian inkwells that are rare and make interesting pieces of decor to display. The round ink well was sourced by my dad from a flea market in India. The other dancing lady was what my husband and I found on one of our scouting trips back home.These gorgeous inkwells are made of brass and the dancing lady is unique, cause her torso forms the lid for the inkwell.

I love to group a collection together as it makes a big impact.

Think outside the box -  a metal pale used as a vase

I always like to know a little something about the beautiful pieces that I surround my self with. So some digging revealed that archaeological evidence exists that metallic ink-pots were introduced in the subcontinent by the Greeks and the Sakas (ancient tribe of Iranian origin) imitated them in terracotta. (Source: The Encyclopedia of Indian Archaeology edited by Amalananda Ghosh ). And then the 1880's saw the desertion of the inkwells with the invention of the first practical fountain pen. Some where along the way, these scarce and abandoned pieces turned from trash to treasure.

Antiques make interesting conversation pieces
This time my inkwells have been paired with the Purple Thistle. It is a common wildflower found here in Virginia at this time of the year. As interesting as they look these pretty flowers have spiky stems and leaves. I did have some... Oh... Agh... Ouch... moments in the process of trying to get them. Once dry, they turn white producing dandelion like seeds. On a breezy day the seeds look like a millions dandelions have been let loose.

The distressed metallic purple pail, I found at Target for a $1 and now it’s turned into a vase for a charming display. I placed a votive candle holder inside the pail to hold the water for the flowers. I even found a blue pail and could not resist it. I'll come with something for that. The possibilities are endless, let the creativity get the better of you. Have a great weekend!!! 

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  1. I love the inky lady, although I have seen them around your home, I am really 'seeing' them now.. the photographs are amazing!

  2. Thank you for the prompt feedback R . You are the best !!!!!!

  3. Lovely post and lovely pictures again!


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