Thursday, July 11, 2013

Block Print – a pure craft form

What is it about block print that makes it so sought after?? For me it's the imperfections of block print, the vibrant and saturated colors, exquisite patterns and age old traditions adopted by the craftsmen of Rajasthan without mechanization or computerization in this day and age. The block printing process is labor intensive and and the tradition is strongest in the state of Rajasthan. The craft form is believed to have originated in China and is said to be over 2000 years old.

Textile exports from India have put it on the globe and block prints seems to be one of the most popular in home décor. I was glad, I came across SaffronMango an online boutique of Indian inspired Bedding and Linens. The boutique is owned by Anisha and is operated out of two home offices (one in Petaluma, California and the other in Pune, India). They design the products, and have them printed and put together in a couple of artisan owned studios in India.

These were my favorites from the store though I had a hard time selecting a few to showcase here. 

Breezy white sheers perfect for the summer.
White and Gold a classic combination.
Rich hues add a royal flair

Moroccan patterns in blue and brown are hard to resist.
Lend a touch of elegance with this royal blue and teal table runner
Saved the best for last.

Check out the visual presentation of the block printing process  and it hits you immediately how time consuming and scrupulous the whole process is. I assure you the next time your shopping for block print decor you won’t have second thoughts about getting one of these striking and absolutely gorgeous pieces of textile for yourself. 

Images are courtesy SaffronMango.


  1. Good post Sru, I heart the indigo and blue ones!

  2. I love them too. I'm so drawn to all shades of blue lately.


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