Friday, July 12, 2013

Bohemian Splendor

Featured in the July/August 2013 issue of Lonny Magazine is Actress Lake Bells Brooklyn backyard that was transformed in a day to a visual splendor. Layers of fabrics and rugs bring texture, color and exotic appeal to the backyard. I could laze and lounge, nope lets correct that. I could LIVE here forever. Just look at this!!!!
The day bed looks welcoming with the layers of fabrics and cushions thrown around.

The patterns and colors as diverse as they are, they are married together beautifully here.

Create an Alfresco dining of your own with wishbone chairs from World Market and a Pottery Barn bistro table. 

Love the Brass Parath used as a tray. 

Don't miss out on the beaded southwestern accent in the background. Want one of your own, check it out on etsy at   

Souvenirs from travels form part of an interesting display.

Finally, leaving you with the couple's prized alligator head. 

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