Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brave Enough to Try Whites ???

Good morning everyone !!! 

I loved these fresh and light filled living rooms in shades of white. They are just the thing for summer. With neutral solid color for the couches, the throw cushions can be changed from time to time and the space would have a whole new look. That's an easy and low investment make over. Moreover the neutral background enhances design details and forms the perfect canvas to show case the different textures, colors and patterns. I haven't had the courage to go white with a 6 year old at home. However, my couches are all in shades of wheat and light grey. I constantly change the cushions around for a fresh and spanking new look every couple of months.

Leaving you with these wonderful images. Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more in the "If I Could I Would (Featured Shop)" segment coming up next week.

I heart the  glass work throw.

Floor cushions serve for extra seating apart from being decorative.

The Hurricane candle holders are perfect as they don't hinder the view.  

I never  like to back up furniture against the window. It blocks out light and the view to the outside. This is just lovely.

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