Monday, October 3, 2016

Unveiling the 2016-17 Collection from Good Earth - SHAMBALA!

Good Earth, the Indian luxury lifestyle brand needs no introduction! A global brand, where authenticity in design and quality are the guiding principles in creating an eclectic range of products that elevate the ambiance of any space that they furnish. The design team at Good Earth churns out an annual themed collection that draws from the pool of inspiration that India is and also transcends geographical boundaries to bring back the rich cultural influence and stories of Asia. There is a conscious effort made by the iconic brand to focus on sustainability, the rich handicrafts and traditions of India and Asia and making these available to the global audience with a refined taste. This year’s design expedition takes us to a mythical paradise, a land hidden somewhere beyond the snow peaks of the Himalayas, a Buddhist pure land, the “Shambala”! 
The Good Earth Shambala Mandala! The Mandala is made up of the key motifs that essay the stories of the visual landscape of Shambala. The mandala itself will be featured on limited edition "Thangkas", textiles and the gorgeous packaging that accompanies any Good Earth purchase.    
To give you a jest of this magical kingdom, it has its reference in the ancient Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese and even Russian texts. Western explorers interpreted this into what we refer to today as Chinoiserie. On a more metaphorical level it translates to a space of Silence within oneself when the heart and intent is pure.

The 2016-17 collection titled “Shambala” (and rightly so), orbits around marrying Indian design with the exotic aura of this legendary paradise. Taking cues from the painterly landscape of this mystical kingdom (that is pristine in every which way), the Shambala collection mirrors motifs like pagodas, peonies, elephants with umbrellas, wild goose, cotton clouds and green rolling hills. The exotic motifs are animated with colors like regal jades, classic combination of blue & whites, deep-hued cinnabar and rich vintage gold to a joyous effect.
A visual of Shambala's landscape......
If you love tastefully done fusion decor, then this festive season give your home a Shambalaish vibe with Good Earth. Entertain family and friends with their exquisite range of fine china in blue and white or lounge in style with their cushions in lush fabrics of silk brocade, silk velvet and fine muslin enhanced through the textile crafts of hand-weaving, block printing, gold leaf stencils and silk embroidery. I’m sure you are fascinated with the Shambala collection and can’t wait to see it all. The collection will be available in all Good Earth stores and on the web-boutique from October 2016.
A sneak peak from the Shambala collection!
And do make sure you stick around for round 2 of more from this exquisite collection! 

(Image Courtesy: Good Earth)

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