Monday, October 17, 2016

Maharani Baug for the Banjara (Nomadic soul) in you!

Maharani Baug”(translated to mean “garden of pleasure”), is a Pune based jewelry label that has a charming collection of elegantly handpicked tribal jewelry and unique fashion accessories. These pieces are perfect to add that vintage, ethnic, bohemian touch to your festive attire. The creative team at Maharani Baug consists of the sister duo, Abhilasha and Aditi, who besides jewelry are also passionate about fashion, travel, design and all things beautiful. Their newest festive collection, titled “Shakti” has a wonderful mix of elaborate neckpieces, danglers, rings and anklets with a distinct aged patina that only adds to the charm of these pieces. A one-on-one with Aditi of Maharani Baug, got me talking about their journey so far and more about their latest collection Shakti. What’s more, the images shared here are exclusively just for you!
TECD:Hello and welcome to TECD, Aditi! So glad we are finally doing this feature! Let’s start by asking you how did Maharani Baug happen?

Aditi: “Thanks Sruthi, so excited to be featured here on TECD! 

My sister Abhilasha and I are lucky to be third-generation, army children. So, in a way, our family has been nomadic for the last three generations and this has created a yearning for travel, exploration and an eternal gypsy soul within us! We have been fortunate to witness several of India’s craft clusters first hand in our formative growing years and this has left such an indelible mark on us that it led both of us to create Maharani Baug despite our flourishing corporate careers! What started as admiration for our grandmother’s jewelry collection, collected by her over the years from her time in Pakistan and Kashmir, evolved into a great desire to share our love for jewelry and these bold, affordable and handmade pieces with the world.”
TECD: What would you say is the USP of your brand?

Abhilasha: “Firstly, our brand is a contradiction - we mix the old with the modern, the past with the present, the rough with the smooth and royal with the tribal.

Secondly, a lot of our pieces we sell are vintage! At Maharani Baug we love rescuing jewelry that is often being sold to be melted and converted into something flashy and new! We scout for pieces that have been pre-loved and that come with a story! We appreciate the history and heritage that comes with a vintage piece and makes us wonder about all the adventures the piece has had and the magical memories it created with its previous owner/s. As a rule, we never clean our vintage pieces - we love that they have a wonderful patina! Cleaning vintage pieces would actually make them loose some of the charm and character, so as you will notice on close examination, a lot of our jewelry shows a few spots of oxidation and signs of wear tear!"
TECD: Tell us more about your latest collection Shakti? 

Aditi: “This collection manifested from our desire to celebrate the feminine form SHAKTI - the manifestation of divine feminine creative power within us all. We consciously chose to launch this collection during Navratri, 9 Holy nights of celebrating our womanhood and also chose to work with an all-woman artisan base. Maharani Baug prides itself at assisting and empowering the women craftspeople of India and giving them a fair chance to earn a livelihood.”
TECD: What according to you, is the most satisfying aspect about your entrepreneurial venture?

Aditi: “The best part of this journey has been the chance to interact with wonderful women - first our craftswomen - we love and respect their craft, their dedication and their entrepreneurial skills and how wonderfully they balance home and work. Second, all the fabulous women patrons of Maharani Baug.”
TECD: Where does one shop for these pieces?

Aditi: “We currently sell via Instagram and our Facebookpage. Just drop us a line there with your questions about the products and pricing queries and we'll get back to you with the details."

I'm sure you are lusting over these gorgeous pieces, so head straight over to Maharani Baug's Insta page and make your pick before these limited edition beauties are all sold out !

(Image Courtesy: Maharani Baug)

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