Friday, October 28, 2016

It is that time of the year again! (Diwali 2016)

Yes it is! 

Let me give you a quick run-down of the festive atmosphere here at the TECD casa..... Everything is squeaky clean and shiny for Diwali.....come evening and the home is enveloped in the candid glow cast by the flames lit from the diyas and candles.....The kitchen smells heavenly with the aroma of ghee being generously added to every dish.....Diwali gifts are being wrapped for family and friends......And marigolds and mums are happily conquering different areas of the home with their cheer!
Whether you are celebrating Diwali to commemorate Goddess Laxmi’s birthday or are celebrating it to honor Lord Rama’s return from his exile, for me, it is a wonderful time of the year to slow down for a moment, observe traditions and gather family and friends around and enjoy the precious company of my tribe!
To make it extra special for my tribe, I’ve created a festive atmosphere with fall colors this Diwali. Yes, I didn’t have to look very far for inspiration. All I had to so was to peep outside my window. The Golden hues of the leaves have been mimicked by the glistening brass and the orange and red tones are being aped by the seasonal flowers like Marigolds and mums. 
I think Marigolds are quintessentially Indian! If I had to describe these beauties, I'd say that their ruffled edges, look like beautiful ghagras being twirled around in merriment. And their exotic fragrance may not be the sweetest but its familiar scent brings back impressions of a happy time for me. So when a wonderful neighbor friend, very graciously shared these blooms from her garden, I was so excited to include them in every possible vignette that I had visualized.  To add a special unconventional touch to the arrangement, I brought out my dried lavender stems that I have been saving since last summer. The final effect is what you see above! 
And then of course, I had to bring out the terracotta diyas for no Diwali decor is complete without their presence! But to minimize the mess, I just stuck in votives into them and was done lighting them in no time!
When it comes to tablescapes, I have two of them planned out this time. First one is the one that you see above. A simple center piece created by grouping my vintage amber miniature glass hobnail oil lamp, brass kalash pots (holding pretty apricot colored mums) and an intricately carved wooden charger. A beautiful runner with floral embroidery forms the base of the setting. The delicate embroidery picks up the hues that I intended to juggle this time for Diwali, making the entire setting look cohesive. To add a more Diwali-ish effect to the setting, I went ahead and added some embellished votive holders in the same shades. (Decor Tip: Incorporating seasonal colors into your festive decor is always a good idea as it makes it so easy to create a pulled together look in no time. Like for instance, the stores here in the US are now brimming with decor in fall hues.) Second, is an elaborate tablescape  with red roses and a lot of shimmer for my Diwali party that I'm hosting for a group of friends. This will be happening this Saturday, so I'll try my best to sneak in a few clicks and then share it with you'll at leisure.......
Before we wind up, I had to include this image here that garnered so much attention both on FB and Instagram.  Black is a bold color choice to go with but I'm glad the final effect is awesome (if I may say so myself)! My readers too backed me up on this non-traditional color choice and had the nicest things to say about it in their feedback guys are the best! 
And finally my mantel all decked up for the festival of lights......

I wish you (my favorite people) a laughter filled, fun, green and safe Diwali! 

(Images and Styling: Sruthi Singh. The images are copyright protected and may not be used without prior written permission.) 


  1. WOW Sruthi!!! Absolutely Stunning!!

  2. So very beautifully aesthetic. Happy Diwali Shruthi! I see your new home adorning your beautiful taste as well...

  3. Awesome sruthi...Love the combination


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