Friday, February 27, 2015

What a terrific week it has been!

Wow ! What an eventful week it has been....The response to the home tour feature has been phenomenal. I couldn't be happier! We have crossed 6K+ followers on Facebook :) I'd like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to all my new readers! I'm delighted to connect with such wonderful people, who make the interaction, the best part of what I do. So for those of you who are new to TECD and would like to get to know more about the blog and the person holding the creative reins of TECD, the timing couldn't be better. 
TECD made it to the  Houzify's "Blogs We Love" List. Houzify is a Bangalore based start up that is in its nascent stage. They plan to launch a mobile app for interior design which functions as a curated platform for home owners, professionals, retailers and bloggers, all coming together to create a dedicated community for home design. In their own words, "Houzify is a curated platform to discover and act on your love for home design and interiors". At this point in time, all I can share with you is that the company is lead by a group of accomplished individuals with experience of over 25 years in combined operational and domain and having worked with leading companies like InMobi & Google and graduated from Domus Academy, Milan (rated one of the top 30 design schools in the world by Business Week). So conclusion, a promising company - one to look out for! They are currently working on creating a curated database of beautiful homes, that can be used as inspiration by everyone for their own home decor projects. Will be sharing more on them soon but in the meantime you may read the TECD feature on Houzify right here.
On a different note, wanted to thank these generous people for such wonderful gifts. The first being a gorgeous silk kantha stole and a beautiful handmade bracelet from Mayil Scarves, that arrived this week. Such bright and happy colors, drove away my winter woes for sure. I can't wait for spring to show up so that I can flaunt this beautiful stole:) Thank you Madavi that was a lovely, lovely gesture. ( I've featured Mayil on my blog, you could read more about them right here.) 

The second being a beautiful pair of earrings from the Narangi collection of Studio Silver Paisley (SSP). Thank you Seeta, these are simply gorgeous and have become my absolute go to earrings when I need to dress up ! (You can see me sporting these beauties right here and read more about SSP here.)
This week was also very special because we celebrated my son's eighth year birthday. Time just flies.....Not so long ago, I remember holding a little bundle of joy in my arms and just watching him for hours together:) And now I have a little boy who is almost up to my shoulders:) Those eyes and the puppy dog gaze is still the same and thank God for that! 

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.....

Image copyright/Credit : 1 - Houzify , 2 - Sruthi Singh

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  1. Congratulations on the milestone Sruthi! Awesome blog!!


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