Friday, February 6, 2015

Play it up with Decor Accessories!

If you thought decor accessories were there to play second fiddle in the process of interior design, well think again! Personally for me, I think decor accessories play an imperative role in making my home what it is. Accessorizing a space, let's you add color, texture, pattern, style.....Most important of it all, it let's you add spirit, memories and personality to an otherwise mundane brick and mortar structure. (I know you might argue saying good architectural bones are important and I'm not denying that. But let's just say accessories are the icing and the cherry on the cake!). It would be amiss if I didn’t quote Hattie Wolfe here, "A house is nothing without the accessories. Otherwise all you have is a room full of furniture." 

I could not think of a better way to explain the importance of decor accessories than to share the interiors of the concept store,Upstairs at PierreLafond's”. Situated in Montecito's Upper Village (CA), this place is a treasure trove of all things exclusive and exquisite. Featuring a range of inventory that includes hand picked home decor merchandise, remarkable men’s and women's lounging wear section and everything else inbetween, this place is on the must visit list should you be in the neighborhood. 

Besides their drool worthy products, its also their ever changing picture perfect store displays that keep you hooked. Whenever the place is stocked with new merchandise, the store crew does a commendable job of giving the place a new look and feel. (The store displays are put together so thoughtfully that it compels you to own everything in the store!) 

Take a look at how the same place is elevated to a whole new level with a few different touches each time........ 

Tell me you are not impressed? Now you understand what I was trying to get at. So go right ahead and curate your decor accessories thoughtfully, then layer them on, move them around to find them their place of importance, edit if need be and then stand back and see if the space reflects YOU. If not, "Keep Calm and Tweak On".......

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and happy decorating folks! 

Image Credit/Copyright : Upstairs at PierreLafond


  1. Sruthi, thank you for this divine feature on our store! It's beautifully written, as is your entire site. We look forward to seeing you Upstairs soon! XO The Upstairs Crew

  2. Great ideas to transform a nook from time to this post!


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