Friday, February 20, 2015

Put the Kettle On !

When you talk of the luxury lifestyle brand Mackenzie-Childs, the words that come to one's mind are playful, whimsical, iconic "courtly check" pattern and happy! Based in the charming town of Aurora, N.Y., the handcrafted line has gone from producing enamel and pottery tableware to furniture, garden and kitchen accessories, jewelry, handbags, pet gear and a whole lot more.

Creations from their Butterfly Garden collection have been on my wishlist for a while now. Decorated with hand-applied butterfly transfers, each butterfly boasts of a different MacKenzie-Childs' 
On my lust List !

Love how the regal iconic black and white checkerboard pattern is mixed in with the whimsical butterfly pattern.
With sub-zero temperatures in my part of the world, just looking at these pretty images makes me yearn for Spring.......I picture myself wearing a pretty floral cotton dress, in the company of my favorite ladies...... the sound of carefree laughter and gentle chattering..... the air is filled with the tempting aroma of freshly baked goodies........lavender tea is poured from the pastel blue butterfly kettle.........what bliss!
Now for a reality check! Stay warm and circle back with me next week for two very exciting of them being the much awaited home tour! Have a good one:) 

Image Copyright/ Credit: MacKenzie Childs

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