Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Color Your Imagination with the Spring-Summer 2016 collection from Welspun”

Are you looking for that perfect, luxurious bedding to elevate the mood, style and comfort of your personal sanctuary? Look no further. “SPACES Home & Beyond”, the premium bed, bath and coordinates brand by “Welspun”, recently launched their Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Their newest collection yet again highlights Welspun’s unwavering commitment to premium quality products with high end design. The USP of the collection lies in the fact that products are available in an array of over 100 delightful shades. A perfect time to refresh your bedding, the SS16 collection is sure to gratify every style genre.
As we know, color can be a powerful design tool, if one understands color psychology and its emotional nuances, it can be effectively used to create an ambiance that stirs positive reactions, craft space illusions (even in a tight square footage area) or can be simply used as a design element to bring points of interest to an otherwise neutrally calming boudoir. Whether you are looking to cool off the summer heat with calming blues and egg shell whites or intend to warm up the space in saturated sunset hues of reds, oranges and yellows, the Spring-Summer collection 2016 from Welspun has something for even the most jaded of color palettes, with over 100 shades to choose from. Me with my strong affinity for color, together with the vibes of this wonderful season, summer, I chose to showcase bedding that revels in a multitude of colors for this feature.
Each of the season’s special collection - Epica, Boho Chic, Courtyard and Youthopia Denim, color your imagination like no other. The Epica collection is the perfect mélange of the past and the present. Modern digital prints bring to life floral, Persian and abstract theme motives in delicious hues. This would be a perfect fit for transitional as well as contemporary spaces.
Symbolic of the Boho-Chic style, this collection is vibrant, eclectic and whimsical. Adopting patterns that are abstract in design mixed in with geometric streaks, this collection is not for the faint hearted. With a mix of water colors and ink treatments dominating this collection, the resulting patterns are not only surprising but also playful. For an individualistic style statement, throw in a few Moroccan lanterns, potted greens, a mix of different textures and eras together with the Boho-chic bedding and you’ve got yourself, a relaxing one-of-a-kind haven.
The Courtyard range celebrates nature and its blushing blooms. Working with similar concepts such as the watercolor effect and digital printing, this bedding range is your opportunity to bring the outdoors in. Vibrant motifs set against a neutral backdrop, this collection is perfect for that modern-chic-cottage look surrounded by furniture that is characterized by unpretentious peeling patina.
The Youthopia collection has a younger fashionable vibe to it. This visually-textural, denim-inspired collection comes in shades of sea-inspired blues that are coordinated with bold hued graphic pillows. Mix in retro décor with this trendy bedding and maybe you could even get your teen to make their own bed. A win-win situation I say!

The Spring-Summer 2016 collection also includes other ranges such as Ruyal, Intensity, Caprice, Skyrise, Forever Classic Stripe, Flexi-Fit, Antonym, Texpressions, Hygro Cotton and Dohar. Living beautifully and waking up feeling refreshed has never been easier. Get your bedding game on and head right this way to browse your pick. 
On a different note, if you already have any of these looks going on in your personal sanctuary, I would love to see how you have pulled it all together. Do share it with me on my FB page

Happy Decorating folks!

(Image Courtesy : Welspun)

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