Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Color it Autumn

When the first leaves of Autumn break free and sway to the persuasive winds and the diligent little squirrels hoard their bounty of acorns that they've painstakingly rounded up, you know it's time to start tweaking the corner's of your home to be in sync with the changing season. Autumn's inviting palette with it's rich and comforting earth tones makes decorating for Autumn, a natural and easy task. 
I've kept my base color of orange and brown in the sun room and have gone ahead and added hints of teal, lavender and mustard to alleviate what other wise might be a stodgy color scheme.The India Circus Peacock cushion in teal, is a go to favorite of mine and fits the color scheme I had in mind perfectly. 
I harvested the last of my lavender flowers for the season. Using a copper watering can to house these beauties, it ties in perfectly with the other accents in the room. My copper watering can was a Target find (last summer from the clearance section). Priced at $6, it was in my shopping cart without a second thought. (Tip: End of the season sales and a keen eye can result in some great deals.) This watering can seems to be popular and I spotted it in the September  2014 issue of the Matchbook Magazine "Get the Look" section !!!   

As pools of sunlight warm the space and gradually release the restorative aroma from the lavender, I'm consumed by the beauty that nature so abundantly showers on us. To experience and connect with it, is nothing short of a blessing.......

Have a wonderful day !!!

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  1. Can you believe summer is already behind us? I am so not ready for another monster winter (which is what i hear it will be) but i digress...
    beautiful vignette! how do you store the off season stuff - like extra pillows/cushions? i always struggle with that. an organization post perhaps?


    1. Welcome back Deepa. I'm so not ready for winter either.
      I've learnt my lesson when it comes to pillows and cushions. I try not to indulge in the pillow per se but try and get cushion covers instead. You can Change it according to your mood swings, easy wash and care and can be folded away and stored in the linen closet.
      As for my other seasonal accessories, I have two huge storage bins in the garage and my coffee tables/ storage trucks are packed to the brim :)
      Thank you for stopping by ....

  2. I regret passing the coppeR water can last year sruti , I think it's from the smith and Hawkins brand ... I have a new found love for orange and I painted an accent wall of our dining nook. Beautiful rusty orange from the ben moore line .. Have to figure the upholstery for my chairs yet ... Love how you have refreshed your sun room :)

    1. Thank you Dee !!!
      I hope you find the perfect fabric for your chairs. Happy decorating !!!

  3. Lovely and refreshing As always Sruthi; yet to see a click of yours that didn't resonate with me somehow!!


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