Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zen is in the Details

Don't you think that our homes shape us as much as we shape them ??? Taking the time to create unique, calming and inspiring spaces, not only indulges ones artistic preferences but also feeds the inner psyche. Thus, the process of home making is an interactive undertaking that is ever evolving with the passage of time and our maturing tastes. I've found my design style and by sharing a few eclectic zen vignettes from my home, I'm here to help you explore and discover your own personal style and create enchanted corners in your home that pitch in towards the building of the ultimate sanctuary. So let's get started and peruse the compositions, colors, textures and design elements of the various eclectic zen vignettes from my entryway to the ones transforming my coffee table.
The entry way is a great place to build anticipation and set the mood for what's in-store, as you cross the threshold. My prized flea market find - a red Chinese console sets the tone in my entry way. Accompanying terracotta Buddha head (that was painted black to enhance the details of the Buddha) and an unpretentious orchid complete the entryway vignette and set the ball rolling for an eclectic yet zen theme.

The experimental streak in me animates this vignette that's laden with zen appeal. Consider combining things that strictly don't go together. You'll be surprised at the results. I've used only four elements in this vignette. The gold painted Buddha and the mani prayer wheel from Nepal bring the zen factor to the vignette. A traditional south Indian urli displaying a fresh cut dahlia from the garden adds color and contrast. A walnut wood box with iconic Kashmiri carving exemplifies the importance of textural charm and provides storage for unsightly objects that need to be stashed away.

Dedicating a corner of your dresser to decorative accents like the Buddha hand mudra presents a wonderful opportunity to add a little extra zen to your busy mornings. It perfectly serves it's dual purpose as a jewelry organizer and  secondly as the ideal zen decor accessory thus exuding emotional resonance to help you stay focused and get ready to tackle a day that's filled with tasks that battle for priority.

Dead spaces in the home, beg for your creativity. A surprising alternative to a console, is a bevy of books stacked together with a wooden plank to form a sketchy version of a console. At the center piece of this vignette, is a canvas stenciled with the  Buddha silhouette. It's not only an artful addition to your home but it also reinforces the theme of zen. (Read more about the artwork here.)

Bring your walls to life with a Tibetan Thangka Painting. The iconography on this Thangka painting referred to as "The Wheel of Life" is incredibly rich and epitomizes exclusivity that's associated with handmade. Intricately painted details (like the sacred images of the Buddha, Bodhisattva deities and other ritual symbols), in saturated tones not only brightens my home but also my very soul.

I had to pull up this image from the archives of TECD posts as it's one of the most popular images doing the rounds on Pinterest. This eclectic zen vignette breaks the rule that zen means neutral and minimalistic. You can sate your thirst for color and still achieve a Zen  vibe. My most cherished Buddha lends his presence to  this reading nook that's soaked in color and texture. 

Be off beat with your approach and let your creativity get the better of you. Transform a coffee table in a few minutes with a stone carving mimicking the Buddha eyes on the great stupa of Boudhanath,  together with a collection of river pebbles. Isn't this a a refreshing take on a zen vignette ??? 

I do hope that by visiting the TECD today, you have received your dose of zen inspiration. Do write in to me if you'd like to share your zen creative spaces and vignettes with us and I'd gladly 
showcase it here on TECD.

Happy decorating !!!

Images: Clicked by me. Please do not use without prior written permission. 
Images are the property of Sruthi Singh and subject to copyright.


  1. I love your blog as i am a great enthusiast of Decor myself especially Asian Decor. Very nicely done and keep it up.

    1. Thank you Anu, so happy you stopped by. The exotic charm that surrounds Asian decor, I think it's hard not to love it.

  2. Very beautiful Shruthi.. Well worth the wait for your zen vignette..
    Keep being inspired and keep more coming.. I sure am :)

    1. Thank you vibha, it's always wonderful to hear from u

  3. Each viginette is beautiful. Love it all. We have a very similar taste in decor, esp the decorative objects we pick for our homes yet I dont have such a lovely touch as you do. Infact, I have no flair! Lolll. I would love to have a Buddha bust in my garden you know or as a wall art....but cannot due to religous reasons/restrictions. Sigh. Truly enjoy your blog, Shruti. Good job!


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