Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Krishna Janmashtami !!!

Be it the north or the south of India, Krishna's birthday is celebrated with much pomp and excitement. Images of local toli mandali's creating human towers to aim for the dahi handi, cradles being decorated to swing baby Krishna's pictures/statues or the ritual of decorating the floors in the house with footprints made from flour ( to symbolize Krishna's childhood sport of stealing butter from houses), stirres me up and I'm eager to ring in the Krishna Janmashtami celebration this year, in my own little way. 
Keeping our family and cultural traditions alive is important to my family and me. As I create my own Krishna Janmashtami ambiance at home, my bronze infant Krishna statue is given a place of pride and is nestled on a bed of dahlia petals. Come evening, the traditional terracotta diya's flanking either side of the idol are lit to add a warm glow to the celebration. Most of all I love watching my son cuddle up with his dad and intently listen to stories of Krishna being narrated to him. Oh !!! How I wish these moments would last forever....... 

Wishing my lovely readers peace, happiness and well being on the occasion of  Krishna Janmashtami !!!

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