Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Turning Up the Color Outdoors

Gardening to me is way to collaborate with "Nature". I'm usually the kind of person who likes to be in control of everything (well almost everything..;). But ever since I began gardening, I've come to realize of who's actually in-charge and who get's to control, direct and take the lead when it comes to the landscape outside. The duration of each plant's lifespan is under the direction of Mother Nature. And that's what makes gardening such a joy is to be able to partner with such an influential force and turn the outdoor canvas into a collaborative work of art.
Here in Virginia, gardening is not an easy task. The seasons take a toll on the gardens and there's a lot of damage control to be done after winter. This year though we did a little planning ahead of time and planted bulbs belonging to the "Blazing Star", Dahlias and Tulips family to amplify the color quotient of the pathway to my door. These plants not only add an exotic feel to the area but also help to paint large sections with bold strokes of color. 
I've landscaped every inch of soil at my disposal and I know I've done it right, when I see the bees and butterflies partying hard in my garden. Here are a few closeups of the exquisite beauties from my garden......... 

I like treating my outdoor spaces as an extension of my indoors. Materializing that thought process, I've also managed to create a little private oasis for my family by incorporating weather resistant furniture, potted plants in colorful containers, and beautiful garden accessorizes. By drawing inspiration from the colors used in my sunroom and favoring deep hues ranging from reds, oranges to pinks, the space flows effortlessly once the doors are thrown open for entertaining.

The outdoor walls do not give me the liberty to hang shelves to display plants. However, my end of the season bargain hunts were fruitful and I landed myself these wrought iron plant display stands that give me the room to add layers of interest at different levels. 

Colorful watering cans are not only functional but also add a dash of color and can be used as a garden/outdoor accessory too. 

I hope you enjoyed the snapshots of my garden tour and I do wish you find your outdoor calling and enjoy every facet of gardening be it the anticipation of a new leaf, bud or flower, the mystery of not knowing how the season is going to contour the garden, the sense of contentment when things go as planned, or the angst of watching a loving plant struggling to thrive.........

You'll take care and do drop me a line as I love hearing from you'll. As for now, I'm going to pack my bags for a weekend trip to New York, so miss me while I'm gone.......see you'll back here next week :)

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  1. uch a bright and cheerful place ! And I love your ikat cushions :-)

  2. Just beautiful! So funny i'am just the opposite of you i think..... Where you wrote "I like treating my outdoor spaces as an extension of my indoor' i could help but think how i tend to think just the opposite. i love to bring the outdoor in....... I like to think of my indoors just as an extension of my outdoors.... too funny! Thanks for sharing! hugs! deb

  3. Gorgeous outdoors Shruti :).Lovely colors all around. I love the sitting nook and yes those beautiful cushions. How cute is that little orange cage :) :)!!

  4. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog! Beautiful ideas and inspirations. I blog on decor too.. :) Nice to meet you!

  5. Lovely outdoor space, Sruthi ! Love all those vibrant colours of the flowers, the Ikat cushions, the planters and yes, the watering can adds that zing to it all . Happy gardening and have a great trip :)

  6. Sruthi, Such a colorful space. Even we have small patio which I have been waiting to work on. But, I do not have your gardening skills.....:-). Have a nice trip.

  7. What an absolutely stunning garden you have Sruthi! It looks like something out of a magazine. Stunning!

  8. Lovely, lovely.... looks like a whimsical retreat. Sigh! if only I had your green thumb!

    great job with the pictures too!



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