Friday, July 25, 2014

Breakfast Nook Console Update with Treasures From the Farmers' Market

Summer brings with it the delightful experience of enjoying the local farmers' market. "Lake Anne Farmers' Market" being minutes away from my home and rated as Northern Virginia's Best Market, this place is a popular haunt for my family and I to spend our lazy summer weekend mornings. 
Last Saturday we gave into the temptation to wander the stalls, taking in the village market atmosphere and loading up our bags with some of the freshest produce in the neighborhood. Personally for me, the benefits of shopping at a local farmers' market out weighs the convenience of shopping at the local grocery store. The most obvious benefits being endorsing a greener environment, supporting local farmer's in their business and enjoying the health benefits of food grown close to where it’s consumed (that is fresher, tastier and better in nutritional value). 
The Lake Anne Farmer's Market is not only a great place to buy your weekly fresh produce and baked goodies but is also a wonderful place to look for some one-of-a-kind global crafts. I was thrilled when I walked into a stall that was stocked with woven treasures from Ghana. I could not resist picking up a pair of gorgeous fans in vibrant colors with beautiful handwoven details. As it turned out, they are the perfect summer addition to gussy up my breakfast nook wall.
If your like me and love accessorizing your home with flowers, then farmers' market is the place for you. Grocery store bought flowers are nice, but they sometimes seem to run out of variety. Assorted flower bouquets at farmers' markets are unique and I love the fact that they look like they were hand picked while out on a long walk. Placed in a glass jar camouflaged by a candle holder from World Market, the setting comes alive with these beauties. A baskets of peaches from the Farmers' Market not only help to pull the colors together but is a healthy option to snack on within arms reach. 

Another new addition to this nook is the beautiful lamp that I managed to snatch up at an unbelievable price from World Market. The paisley lamp shade was love at first sight and I think the corner looks bright and summery with that lovely fresh apple green lamp .  
So here's a final look at how everything came together !!! I hope your inspired by these simple and fun summer decor ideas. Happy decorating folks !!!

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  1. In love with everything here, this nook looks so bright and beautiful and 'fresh' ! Lovely Sruthi !

  2. Beautiful!! Those woven treasures are gorgeous and love the lamp too!!

  3. I absolutely love the lamp!!


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