Monday, February 10, 2014

The Key to My Heart

Valentine's Day - it's not that I need to pick a day to profess my love to the people who mean the world to me, it's just that the die-hard romantic that I am, I don't spare a single excuse to celebrate LOVE. Besides, with a 7 year old who loves chocolate dipped strawberries and is secretly stacking his V day-cards for his parents under his bed, it's hard not to share his enthusiasm. To rub things in further, I've had 2 dozen Valentine's goodie bags (for my son's school buddies) sitting on my buffet table for over a week, staring me in the face......

I also have my hidden motives to celebrate V-day. If the occasion calls for flowers and a break from the kitchen, then I've every reason to celebrate:) But this time around it's a little different. We're keeping it intimate with a home cooked meal (I'm the one doing all the cooking) and some soulful music......
To make things extra special, I decided to go the DIY route. The organic quality of handmade objects together with the time and effort you put into it, only says you wanna go that extra mile for your loved one. Deciding to make napkin rings with key charms that spell "the key to my heart", was just the thing. Instead of heading in the direction of red, I decided to do pink with hints of red. Aiming for an informally romantic ambiance, floral patterned napkins are paired with classic white dinnerware.  

Though Baby's breathe is usually used as a filler flower, I thought it was the ideal choice for a Valentine's Day tablescape. It's dreamy and delicate quality complement's the vintage brass creamer perfectly.
If you like what you see and want to create these simple, fun and easy napkin rings yourself,  you'll need
- jewelry making wire ( 20 gauge preferred)
- Your choice of beads ( make sure they can be strung)
- Charms with rings ( these can be swapped out to suit any occasion)
- Needle nose pliers
- Scissors
- A bottle/cardboard tissue tube to wrap the wire to achieve the coiled effect

- Depending on the number of plate settings you want, cut the wire into 4 or 6 in no. with a length of 24 - 30 inches each.
- Form a loop with your needle nose pliers to hold the beads in place.
- String the beads and repeat the looping process to hold the charm.
-Finally wrap the beaded wire around the cardboard tissue role to create the coiled effect.
Coming up next is a garden tour you don't want to miss.
Have a wonderful day !!!! 

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  1. That's a wonderful setting. Every time I visit your blog I run short of words.

    1. You always have such wonderful things to say, thank you stopping by Disha:)


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