Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Touch of Green

The weather has been a menace.........everything is blanketed under a white quilt of snow and it's a monochromatic scene that awaits you outside. Since I've caught the flu bug and can't go out to buy myself the bunches of happiness to brighten up my day, I resorted to plan B - potted plants. Here, are the two additions that I made to my home a few weeks ago. Seeing the new leaves sprouting, gave me hope that spring was just round the corner. I can't wait for spring to paint the outdoors in it's myriad tones and bring the landscape alive........    
The Shefflera Arbicola  plant with it's ornamental palmate leaves is a great accent plant for the indoors. I love using contrasting containers to add more to a vignette.

Bringing this corner alive is the variegated Croton. Placed in a hammered copper pot in a sunny corner, it's yellow specked leaves add instant color and interest to the space.

I hope you'll enjoyed the little peeps into the corners of my home. As for the home tour of Padmini and Chandra Mohan Singh, I haven't forgotten about it and have decided to publish that as my 100th post.

I also wanted to let you'll know that FB will be up and running soon....... until then, if you need to stay abreast with my posts, kindly connect with me via Google Friend Connect (on the right hand side of the page) if you haven't done so already.
Take care and have a wonderful day!!!!

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  1. Hi Sruthi, I remember visiting your blog ions ago....:-) but today channeled from Vidya's blog. You have a beautiful blog with stunning photographs. And you have a very elegantly styled home.

  2. Thank you Reshma, appreciate your kind words. Hope to see you here often:)

  3. Good idea to keep potted plants! its always great to see green leaves at this time :) It is getting warmer here in Chicago too :)

    1. Hello Nevin, glad you agree with me on this. Lucky you......the temps are still fluctuating here in Virginia.


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