Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pillow Me (Featured Shop)

Hello and welcome back to another drool worthy post here at TECD. 
This time, I have an irresistible store that prides itself in showcasing handmade products that belong to a tradition and heritage that has taken the design world by storm. Can you imagine my sheer delight to see Kilims, Suzannis and Ikats all under one roof????? Yes, "PILLOW ME" is a store in Eskisehir (Turkey) that retails via Etsy and is a one stop store to get your share of this gorgeousness.

Burak Hepguzel, is the Owner and Designer for the brand "Pillow Me". Pillow me was started as a hobby to feed Burak's love for all things vintage, handmade and bohemian. But once on the job she says, "the joy of being able to sell things having a soul and an identity, is very rewarding." It's a family owned business and it's Burak's 4 member team that keeps things rolling at Pillow Me.

So as to get a better understanding of the product line, I asked Burak to share a little more about the products and the process. Talking about the process Burak says," As for the kilim pillows, we gather handwoven old kilims, most of them are 20 to 70 years old. They are then cut and sewn into pillows depending on the design. When the kilim or suzani comes to us, it excites me. Because of the handmade nature of the product, each Kilim and Suzani is unique. Designs may be similar but not the same. The most exciting thing about Kilims is that they are organic - handwoven from wool and colored with natural dyes (from plants, insects etc.)

Going on to explain about the Suzanis and Ikats, Burak says,"Suzanis and Ikats being totally handmade, the process is very long. It takes 3 days for handwoven Ikat fabrics to a couple of weeks for the Suzannis depending on the design".

The art form of Kilims, Suzanis and Ikats  has been kept alive by stores like Pillow Me in their own way, only to be enjoyed by folks like us the world over. Pillow Me ships to most countries. Check out the entire product line of Pillow Me right hereI'd like to thank Burak for her time and prompt response to my queries in putting this post together for you'll. I wish her all the very best with the Pillow Me venture.

You'll take care and visit me back here at TECD for more on decor, food and photography coming your way this holiday season. 

Images: Courtesy Pillow Me 


  1. Wow! Lovely finds. These pillow covers are awesome :)

  2. What an amazing collection...I have never seen this type of blog on Pillows. Nice color combination...


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