Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Wishes !!!!

Heart Felt New Year Wishes to the readers of "The East Coast Desi" !!!! 

TECD was started on an impulse this year. An impulse to share and inspire.........I'm usually the kind of person who thinks "what if" all the time. And I'm glad, this time around I didn't. I just put my creative side out there and went with the flow. And the response and validation of the same has been overwhelming. I'm grateful to have a wonderful set of readers who make my day with their wonderful feedback and support on Facebook.Thank you for being a part of TECD journey with me.

With  the new year here, it's a new chapter in our book called LIFE. It's a time to follow, fulfill and accomplish dreams we've harbored for so long and also hope for new avenues to help us discover ourselves. It's a time to make new connections and strengthen the old ties. A time to prioritize and  resolve unfinished business. As we set out to achieve this and more, we fill our pages with experiences and memories that will last us a lifetime. I truly hope this new year is one of the best chapters in your book.......... 

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  1. Here's wishing you and your family a very happy new year Shruthi!

    1. Thank you Neha......hope you have a wonderful year too:)

  2. A Very Very Happy New Year To You and Your lovely family Sruthi:) ;Including TECD family :)


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