Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Paradise Found (Home Tour)

Today, we go all the way to Mumbai to tour a fashionably furnished home done up in a Contemporary-modern style but then sprinkled with just the right amount of Indian touches that readily identify the home owner’s Indian roots. The home of “Amritha Karnakar” (founder and principal architect at AKAD - Amritha Karnakar-architectural design) and her parents (late Dr. Sachin Karnakar and Vrinda Karnakar) is brimming with personality, class and an electric mix of styles. But more importantly, it is suggestive of an unhurried pace of living that balances an otherwise very demanding metro lifestyle.
While her parents love for antiques and nature set the tone for the design elements and color scheme in the home, it was Amritha’s professional acumen, her aptitude for close observation and global exposure that effortlessly brought the modern edge and architectural interest to the scene. Set on the 6th floor of an apartment with a terrace garden, the crux of the design plan sought to make the most of this wonderful space by blending the indoors with the outdoors.

The antique artifacts in the home not only talk of the homeowner’s love for timeless treasures but the collection also imparts an authentic vibe of the by gone era to an otherwise modern palette. Wooden carvings from the south of India and metal/brass work from Gujarat are thoughtfully placed to add visual drama and interest. The outdoors too are dotted with stone sculptures from Hampi, making it a captivating green sanctuary. 
Amritha proudly shares, “Every plant big or small, each has been treated as our own baby. We have a mix of bonsais, cacti, orchids, a number of other flowering plants (like the Plumeria) to fruit bearing plants like chikoos and oranges!” A green oasis like this in the midst of an otherwise urban concrete landscape is sure to have a calming effect and drop those elevated blood pressure readings significantly! 
Will let the images do the rest of the talking for me….. 

Will be sharing more from the portfolio of Amritha Karnakar so watch this space for more. In the meantime should you wish to reach out to Amritha regarding your design challenges or a project at hand, please mail Amritha at or connect with her via her Instagram page or FB. Thank you Amritha for sharing your absolutely beautiful and tastefully done up home with my readers.

(Photo Credits & Image Copyright: Amritha Karnakar for AKAD; The images may not be used for commercial or non-commercial use without the prior written permission of Amritha Karnakar & TECD.)

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