Monday, April 30, 2018

The Drishti Collection from Mayil

Remember the ritual when mom used to rub her little finger against her kohl lined eyes and transfer a smudge of that to our cheek as drishti pottu or kala tika? Well, that happens to me to this very day, when I have mom around. I personally find the act very endearing and feel like I'm five again. So when I found out about the new collection "Drishti" from Mayil, it struck a nostalgic chord. I have blogged about Mayil earlier and have even featured snippets of Madavi Oliver's (the heart and soul of Mayil) home. Go ahead and give it a read if you haven't already
Today, however the focus in on their new collection Drishti. What I absolutely loved about the collection was the way in which Madavi had reinterpreted these traditional rituals and beliefs to cater to today's modern woman. You probably already know that, this belief of evil eye is not only evident in Indian culture but is also prominent in various cultures across the world. There are various remedies to nullify the effects of evil eye - the Hamsa that is popular in the Middle East and North Africa, Talisman and amulets in Islamic sects and then our very own lemon and chilli strung together used in North India or the colorful demon masks guarding the outside of the house in the south. 

Here's what Madavi had to say about how the collection came together and how it works, "I was inspired by memories of drishti pottus, drishti bommais and other rituals found in South Indian culture to design Mayil's drishti necklaces. An odd (albeit beautiful) bead for an asymmetry to deflect any drishti coming your way. While a black bead seems to fit in perfectly, I have also used copper, silver and coral beads as a variation in these necklaces to create a visually pleasing asymmetry as well."

These handmade neckpieces come in an array of colors and are a marriage of colored gemstones and silver pendants. My favorites from the collection being the Om necklace, the Celtic style mandala and ofcourse the the Ganesha neckpiece. Grab yours today to give your outfit a touch of the boho while it also works to deflect any negative energy coming your way. These are also a very thoughtful gifting option. Madavi also takes custom orders so reach out to her at To check out the entire Drishti collection click here. TECD readers get a special discount with the use of code MAYIL10 (a $10 discount) off all your purchases. Offer valid until the end of May 2018.

While you are virtually visiting the Mayil online boutique may I also suggest that you check out their range of colorful scarves and hand selected range of decor accessories

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