Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Revisiting the Home of My Design Gurus (Mini - Home Tour)

I thought it was about time that we revisited the home of my design gurus - my parents. I did share an elaborate home tour 3 years back. From then to now, there have been a few changes, but a home as beautiful as this, deserves a second look. The images I'm sharing today have been hibernating in my archives for over a year now. If you want to know, why I decided to share them now, reason being, I'm  terribly home sick. I could use any help to heal the way I feel right now!  
Let's start with the coffee table display in the living room, shall we?As most of you would remember, my parents are avid collectors of brass artifacts and Ganesha statues (I'm happy these genes passed onto me;) This love for all things brass is reflected in the choice of artifacts showcased on a wonderful vintage teak table with a marble top from Rain Tree. A collection of bells in different materials ranging from silver, brass to bell metal (a combo of copper and tin) happily keep each other company. (FYI : bells intended for use in the worship of Lord Shiva will have a figure of Lord Nandi). Some gardening books mirrors their interest in plants, a Dhokra lamp and an intricately hand carved brass Ganesha make the display complete. Adding a touch of green is the Zebra plant (Haworthia Fasciata) housed in a container from Kerala made from a coconut tree trunk. 
This corner is my absolute favorite! The decor elements here are all so South Indian - Tanjore paintings, hand carved stone Ganesha statue and Nandi, an antique pillar used to hang the Singh's collection of brass bells and lamps and the bronze urli.  
Here a reclaimed pillar base it used to display some vintage brass chombus (a traditional container used by the religious men to carry water) Upcycling at it best won't you agree?
The unique circular Ashta Lakshmi & Panch mukhi Ganesha Tanjore was what my husband and I had lovingly bought for our very first home in Bengaluru. We found it on one of our trips to Trichy. Got it restored and it graced the walls of our Bengaluru apartment. It is a heavy piece and it took all our might to get this up on the wall in India. There was no chance that the dry walls of our home here in the US, could carry all that weight so we  decided that mom would be our best best to safe guard this piece till we were able to return and reclaim its possession. But in the meantime, it sits pretty on the walls of the formal dining room in my parent's home. More lovingly scrubbed brass artifacts and a vintage trunk makes for another wonderful display.
Flowering branches from the garden outside get tucked into a unique brass container. A few artifacts from a Nepal trip complete this lovely corner. Notice the little trunk like side table, it doubt duties as an additional storage option. The little tile inlay detail was something that dad added himself to give the trunk a visual edge. 
Another closeup shot of the intricately carved stone Ganesha. Also sharing this frame cause, mom got some beautiful marigolds to fill in the Urli:)
Finally, a shot with the Kerala style lamp in focus. I hope you enjoyed the visual snippets. I can't wait to visit my parents sometime soon.......until then, patience and these pretty images will have to do.....

(Images: Sruthi Singh. The images are the copyrighted and belong to The East Coast Desi. Please do not use them for commercial or non-commercial purpose without the prior written consent.) 

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