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Under the Indian Influence - SMS Trading Company Inc. (Part 2) (Home/Gallery Tour)

Today we take a tour of some corners of Arti's abode in Atlanta, USA. You have already been introduced to this lovely lady and her incredible furniture boutique store SMS Trading Company Inc. Her home is an extension of the exquisite aesthetics that we are very well acquainted with after seeing her furniture gallery. Her home revels in displaying a deep cultural association and honors Indian artisans and their handiwork. Every room is flush with intricately hand carved furniture, hand picked décor accessories and splashes of well edited color. 

The Foyer announces Arti's style at the front door - eclectically Indian it is! Painted in a corn husk green, the foyer looks fresh and inviting throughout the year. Hand carved South-Indian style temple sculptures, a few potted plants and a sculptural brass candle holder, leave you begging to see more of Arti's wonderful home.

Those niches that you find so hard to style, here is a perfect solution!!! South-Indian style, temple statues, hand carved and hand painted made of fine timber wood. Don't miss out on the complementing wall corbels to frame those niches beautifully. The vibrant colors on these statues are reminiscent of the south Indian temple gopurams, looking magnificent against the bright blue skies. (Arti tells me that she has  an assortment of about 60 exquisitely carved statues stocked for sale. These pieces are one of a kind, so if you like something that you see or want to see the entire collection at SMS, make sure you reach out to Arti.)
Another challenging area to decorate is transition spaces. But Arti seems to have an answer to this common decorating dilemma. She had paired a sculptural tea-light holder from Home Goods with another one of her wooden statues and a rustic style mirror. By now you know you can expect the unexpected combinations in this home tour!
Crowning every room in the house has Arti's own signature line of furniture from SMS Trading. The exquisitely hand crafted furniture pieces have been relegated with the task of bringing an eclectic Indian vibe to this space. Ocher hues on the wall are the perfect backdrop for the richly colored teak furniture. The details of the hand carved pieces, the sinuous shapes and the regal vibes that they give off makes you instantly fall head over heels in love with this space.
An extended view of the the formal living room.
Coffee table books are a great way to showcase your interests. A collection of books (on all things Indian) is neatly stacked on the coffee table embodying Arti's affinity to her Indian roots. 
The "ta-da" element of the formal dining room has to be the ornate and very detailed dining table. The design inspiration for this beauty comes from the Wheels of the Konark Sun Temple. Infact, Arti tells me that it is one of the most sought after table designs at SMS Trading Company.
Arti also says that it never fails to stir up a conversation. She always finds herself explaining to her guests and customers about the inspiration behind this magnificent table, "The magnificent Konark temple is one of the most stunning monuments of religious architecture in the world. It is known for its intricacy and profusion of sculptural work. It is designed in the shape of a colossal chariot of the Sun God, with seven horses and 24 exquisitely carved wheels, each about 10 feet in diameter. The huge intricate wheels of the chariot, which are carved around the base of the temple, are the major attractions of the temple. The spokes of these wheels serve as sundials, and the shadows formed by these can give the precise time of the day. On an esoteric level, the Sun symbolizes the divine Self within.” That was very informative indeed.
Though the space has a very open floor plan, this did not deter Arti from painting every room in a different paint color! The dining room is done up in a shade of paprika red that truly enhances the white moldings and the rich tones of the teak furniture. Now who wouldn't want to dine in here!!!!
To create a visual focus on the niche, Arti decided to paint it in a warm mustard hue. A framed textile piece make for the perfect alternative as art. Another splendid piece of furniture is the revolving bar (Yes, the middle door swings open inside-out! Arti has promised to share pictures of that another time soon.) with a top serving as a Buffet.
A good part of the warmth and color in Arti's place comes from the huge collection of statues! Each is sure to make a statement in any room! (FYI, totally crushing on those breezy paisley sheers! )
I know I can't get enough of these amazing looking traditional Indian statues....Knowing you all, I don't think you mind a picture heavy post either:)

Arti is a voracious reader and has an insatiable appetite for books and poetry. Here is a glimpse of Arti's collection of books in the family room. A few pillows tossed casually makes for an impromptu informal reading nook. 

The family room is the place where Arti hangs out often catching up on news or watching a movie with her favorite glass of wine in hand.
Arti's home office too has its fair share of the Indian charm !
The guest bedroom is deliberately minimally furnishes to establish a sense of calm and serenity. Also, Arti did not want to take away the focus from the stunning bed! She shares that she changes things in here frequently depending on her mood. Right now, a colorful Indian glass work bedspread brightens up this space!
With that we come to the end of this beautiful home tour. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I had fun bringing this to you. Arti is doing a commendable job of bringing a little bit of India to those of us who live in this part of the world. I'm so glad to have met a kindred spirit like her. I wish Arti only the very best that life has to offer! Connect with Arti on FB and follow her on Instagram. To experience the SMS Trading WOW-factor in person, please write to Arti at or call her at +1 (678) 445-3756 (Landline) to set up an appointment for your visit. (Also, incase you missed part 1 of the feature, click here to see it all)

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