Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Indian Weave and a Wonderful Giveaway!

Welcome to the world of “The Indian Weave”! A world inhabited by unique vintage treasures, indigenous textiles and traditional Indian arts and crafts, all handpicked to match the urban sensitivities of today’s well-informed consumer. Based in Gurgaon (India), this web boutique was established by Jean and Puneet Roy, with the intent to endorse less known traditional Indian arts and crafts and promote fair trade in honor of the many gifted artisans who still manage to keep the traditional way of creating the arts and crafts alive. Jean shares, “Having worked with the best luxury hotels for more than 3 decades, it was natural for me to follow my love for the good things in life and something that would provide me the freedom and flexibility to pursue 3 important passions – a reason to travel, an opportunity to learn about our rich culture and finally, a chance to discover and promote the fascinating Indian heritage and its crafts.” I had the opportunity to chat up with this lovely lady and talk to her about her adventurous journey so far. 
TECD: Hello and welcome to TECD Jean! Let’s start by asking you what according to you is the USP of “The Indian Weave”? 
Jean Roy: “Each piece is personally chosen by my husband and me. We travel all over India from time to time visiting artisans and finding authentic sources for our products that you see in our store. All products are handmade, hand crafted and are sourced most often from the artisans themselves who are making them as per age old traditions / practices.”
TECD: Tell us more about the curating process that is adopted for The Indian Weave?
Jean Roy: “No matter which state we visit, we find local handicraft which is unique to the state/tradition. We then try and identify what will be appreciated by our customers especially Indians living abroad which will make them feel closer home - India. (Also keeping in mind our other global customers who love everything Indian.) We understand the process and the history behind each item, meet with them one on one whenever and wherever possible and keep a tab on what’s trending or not.”
TECD: Though The Indian Weave is a fairly new venture, you have grown by leaps and bounds. What would you say has been your success mantra?
Jean Roy: “Be passionate. Love what you do and as they say, if you make your passion or hobby your profession, you do not have to work a single day in your life.”

TECD: What have you personally taken away from this project of yours?
Jean Roy: “Rediscovering India through its beautiful handicrafts, skill of artisans, age old traditions still prevalent in keeping the crafts alive and the realization that there is so much more to our own country than one can imagine.”
 TECD: What can we expect to see in your latest curated collection? 
Jean Roy: “We recently featured a Diwali collection and over the next month shall be featuring a festive collection which shall include some handicrafts made by Indian artisans for the forthcoming Christmas season for buyers abroad.”

TECD: What are the Future plans for The Indian Weave?
Jean Roy: “We plan to travel extensively in the coming year to discover more of “Incredible India”, meet with artisans, understanding the traditions and the wide variety of Indian handicrafts available so can offer them to our clients, old and new.”
TECD: What would you say are the 3 never fail decor tips that one could use to spruce up a place instantly?
Jean Roy:
  • "If you like it, buy it no matter what kind of house or interiors you have, as you will cherish it forever with fondness.
  • Vintage is always in vogue. Keep it in any living space at your home. It’s going to be a conversation piece with your family and friends. 
  • Curate your own collection, slowly and surely from our collection of beautiful vintage pieces and home accessories not only to make your home beautiful but also help keeping the Indian traditions and handicrafts alive.”
To shop this fantastic range of products, visit their web boutique right here. They currently have a fabulous sale – 15% off everything! You could also connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and stay abreast of regular updates of their latest collections, discount offers and sale events. (FYI: They ship worldwide via India International speed post.) 
What’s more? In sync with the spirit of this season, TECD in collaboration with The Indian Weave is bringing you a wonderful giveaway - this Vintage brass scissor candle snuffer. It is handcrafted with delicately carved birds, fine engravings and Indian motifs. To enter the giveaway, follow All three below mentioned conditions:
Thank you The Indian Weave for the wonderful GIVEAWAY and good luck to my wonderful readers. Winner will be announced on November 18th, 2016. (P.S. Giveaway is open to ALL my readers worldwide) !!!

(Image Credit: The Indian Weave)


  1. I followed all the steps mentioned above.
    But before that I went through The Indian Weave's website and loved most of the brass items on it. Especially the bird shaped brass oil lamp and the patina finish brass peacock incense burner.

  2. Jingle bells, Jingle all the way!
    oh! what fun it is to enter this give-away!!

    Row, row a boat, gently down the stream,
    Possessing the gorgeous stone-studded coal iron has always been my dream!

    Mary had a little lamb,
    my heart goes 'dhak-dhak' for the peacock prayer lamp!

    Jack & Jill went up the hill...
    Really! How majestic & eclectic is this round ink well!

    Hickory dickory dock,
    my heart goes gaga over the elephant engraved padlock!

    Twinkle Twinkle little star,
    No words to describe the beauty of Tribal men handle bar!

    Followed & Liked both...thanks for the opportunity!!

  3. I followed all the steps for the give away:)the Indian weave is such an interesting collection of beautiful things for one's home. The beautiful urlis ,the peacock brass lamps and their exclusive linen collection are exclusive conversation starters.thank you for this opportunity.

  4. Hello Shruti & The Indian Weave. I really liked this giveaway a lot because of easy peasy terms and conditions of entry unlike in many other giveaways.No fuss
    Secondly it was easy because I have been following both you sources of inspiration from a long time under the name of ( Gardening_ an_art).I also loved the fact how Jean stressed on the fact that we should buy such beautiful pieces as they help in keeping handicraft alive, which also provides bread & better to so many out there.
    Lastly, the toughest one - which pieces do I like from their collection/s- To be honest All of them cuz i love love brass n age old things. Plus the things they get are so unique like Pichkari, Iron, a variety of incense burners, lunch box, masala dabba, blocks on frames, turtle shaped kadukash (grater), idols n ink pot. Man I give cant just choose 1 piece or a few. Every piece is droolworthy and a keeper Man.

  5. I love your posts. How authentic and genuine your reviews are! Also the images just add that perfect touch. I always move towards your and The Happy home blog for tips, tricks and ideas on home decor


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