Monday, August 15, 2016

Vintage Typewriters as Decor Accessories (Part 1)

Tap Tap tap.......ding.....zzzziiiiiip........Tap Tap tap.........ding.........zzzziiiiiiip
When I talk of typrewriters, it conjures up images of what I perceive as the more untroubled, innocent days……

My grand-dad’s office was conveniently located next door to home……so when we visited my grandparents, my sister and I always found an excuse to visit my grand-dad in his office. We loved going in there and tapping on the many typewriters that were employed for official use. I for one, felt all grown up in a formal office environment and for some vague reason, I'd always end up typing letters to my parents and grand parents telling them how much they meant to me. Good ol' days! 
Fast-forward to present day! Recently my son, requested my husband and me to buy him a typewriter as he wanted to write a book this summer “the old fashioned way”. It was an instantaneous yes from the both of us as we wanted him to experience the thrill of something different in the day and age of IPad and Mac computers. For me it was a chance to add a vintage touch to his room (Yes, I always have my hidden agendas when it comes to decorating!) So off we went on a typewriter hunt until we found the “one”. We came home with a 1950’s Remington Green Quite-Riter Portable Typewriter with Original Case and all! It now sits on my son’s desk, where he taps away at the keys to weave what is a kidnap saga……when he’s not in the mood to write, the typewriter holds his favorite quote and multi-tasks as a source of inspiration. It is a perfect addition to a boy’s room, don’t you think ? Well, that’s my take on how to include a vintage typewriter to your décor.

Wait we are not quite done yet. We have a part 2 to this feature, as I managed to rope in Meera D’souza who has quite the collection when it comes to typewriters. Stay tuned to some very lovely vignettes from her home. 

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