Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Creating Feature Walls

Looking for ways to bring the wow factor to your lair? It can be as simple as creating a feature wall. These are especially great if you are looking to create a design plan that is high impact without overwhelming the space. Some paint, wall paper, stencils and a creative mind can take your wall from boring to brilliant without you breaking your bank. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite feature walls for inspiration.
If you are color courageous, then creating feature walls is child's play. Pick bold hues to bring contrast to the room. One has to understand the difference between bringing contrast to a room through colors versus just playing with opposing colors. If you ask me, inky blue hues or colors inspired by the night sky like, in the image above is all the rage these days. Once you have the base color finalized, layer it with your collection of art and artifacts. It's a great way to add personality to your space. 

Wall papers are another great option to add visual interest. For instance this whimsical floral wall paper sings a happy spring tune to me! 

For a more eclectic vibe, try intricately patterned wall papers.   The punchy patterns, complementary colors and other design elements in the room truly make this space a drama galore.

If wall papers are not a budget friendly option, then a little elbow grease and a stencil can come to your rescue. Choose stencil patterns carefully to bring the required look to the space. Use floral for a country vibe, geometric for modern or an African Tribal mud cloth pattern for a global vibe!
This one is the impressive imposter as I like to call it! All it takes is a freshly painted wall and Sharpie. Yes, you read that right. A designer wall paper look can be whipped out with a Sharpie provided you have time, patience and the willingness to put in the required amount of elbow grease. Don't you think the end result is so worth it? Head over to Vintage Revivals for a tutorial
If none of the above have got your attention, don't fret. Removable Adhesive Wall Patterns are a cost-effective, less permanent alternative to paint and wallpaper. Peel, stick and you are done!

Was that inspiration enough to get you to tackle that feature wall project this weekend? I hope so. As for me, I'm going to be tackling my mudroom walls this weekend. Will keep you'll in the loop about how it turned out......
Images used in the post have been given due credit.


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