Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Marrakech Retreat with a Global Flair!

Our wanderlust and quest for global decor inspiration, takes us all the way to Marrakech.....Today we tour an 18th century riad (courtyard house) that belonged to Chile's most celebrated realist painter, Claudio Bravo. Now renovated to its present glory , the riad is a getaway for one of his closest friends. Treasures (most of them original to the house) from Syria, India and Morocco fill the house to create a truly eclectic global-chic sanctuary. When Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami (head of Sardar Design Studio in Manhattan) was presented with the opportunity to undertake the renovation of the project with the request that the property maintain its integrity and serve as a tribute to their friend Claudio Bravo, he knew what he had to do. Sardar-Afkhami adopted the design ideology of the Chinese city of Suzhou that encourages the thought, "Each person would add a gentle layer without disturbing what came before." He made sure that the original design plan and inherited items of the artist were treasured and used to preserve his memories. 

Let's start with the impressive, pale green, solid door decorated with nailheads. It leads you to the entrance hall where a Syrian bridal chest inlaid with mother of pearl doubles as a console. The ornate gilded mirror is also Syrian. (Note: My new design crush - Syrian furniture:)   
The dramatic archways of the house echo the Islamic style of architecture prominent to the region.  With it's arcs and curves it not only provides an element of architectural interest but also perfectly frames the living room, pregnant with Syrian relics. "Look beyond form" has taken on a whole new meaning with Berber rugs adorning the walls and a banquet dish and stand inventively converted to serve as  a cocktail table.    
The cedar ceiling (original to the home), antique mosque lamp and the Uzbek Suzani - come together to create an ambiance that is a perfect backdrop for home cooked meals.
Another feature that I was personally drawn to was the windows and doors of the riad splattered with a Eucalyptus green paint that almost blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoors.

And finally a look at some of the bedrooms in this sunlight flooded home! 

To see more images of this gorgeous home, click here. For a more detailed read of this fabulous retreat get your copy of May2015 AD today.

Images Copyright/Credit: Architectural Digest

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